Spigot DropVote 1.1

Awesome Drop Parties upon reaching votes!

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    DropVote - Awesome Drop Parties upon reaching votes!

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  2. Can you provide the source if possible and great job to you and your dev :D!
  3. Tested, great plugin overall. Could use a little sprucing up with the methods and possibly some bug fixing. Make sure to not start a dp if there is null in the dp materials file as it breaks the plugin. Also, bug. When setting the needed votes to 1 it requires to votes actually. Pic of the prob https://gyazo.com/3cd659fb549128dac64120706e4cb4c2
  4. Is there anyway we could config what to be dropped?
  5. Use /dropvote editdrops
  6. Thank you for reporting these bugs. I'll get to work on fixing them.
  7. The bugs you pointed out should be fixed.
  8. Could u provide pictures of it
  9. Can you please block the IP from the %node% because players are using it to advertise like
    xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:25565 voted! there are now 1234123 votes.
  10. and the config keeps reseting back :/ its nice but the config is hard to edit if it keeps reseting