Spigot Drugs 1.1.0

An ultimate configurable drugs plugin

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    Drugs - An ultimate configurable drugs plugin

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  2. Really need this plugin! Download unavaiable!
  3. Should be fixed now
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    Smelting Update

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  5. Just setting the item with the exact same display name should do it for now.

    Not sure exactly how that plugin works though.
  6. Can you help me?

    Is there a way that I can make these drugs into Essentials Kits. (So no crafting.) Whenever someone does /kit Drugs, it gives them the actual drugs ready to use?
  7. Just have essentials give the person the same item and the same displayname as the drug in your config.yml.
  8. What kind of drugs are we talking about here?
  9. Add an option to use speech slurs?

    As to what @melemonsqueezer1 said?

    And a command to give you the drug?
  10. The external download website is down?
  11. What's missing in every drug plugin out there is addiction. Where the substance would give you a configurable effect to get people hooked and at a certain point deliverer an different when not on it. Now that would make this plugin stand out.
  12. Download link not working!
  13. Update to 1.9.4 please?