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A better way to trade! For Citizens(2).

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    dtlTraders - A better way to trade! For Citizens(2).

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    3.4.2 (1.8/1.8.8)

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    3.5.0 (1.11.x)

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  4. Sorry, but it won't work for me.
    I cant sell anything to the Traders.

    Tested on a verry basic setup:
    Spigot 1.11.2
    Vault 1.5.6 - b49
    PEX v1.23.4
    FE economy 0.8.2
    Citizens v2.0.21-SNAPSHOT

    Also tested with following replacements:
    CraftBukkit 1.11.2
    Basic Permission
    Essentials X Economy.

    Creating a shop to buy stuff from the traders has no problem,
    but by try to sell something to the trader there happens ehhm nothing.
    There are no Java Stack Traces / errors in the log and no ingame message.
    The debug informations from dtltraders say:

    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][LOW] Handling click event
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][LOW] Executing method: generalUI
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][INFO] General UI checking
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][LOW] Executing method: topShift
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][LOW] Executing method: topDebug
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][INFO] Inventory click, by: Eekiig, status: buy
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][INFO] slot: 3, left: true, shift: false
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][LOW] Executing method: __topUpdate
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][INFO] Setting inventory, status: buy
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][INFO] Withdraw money, from: trader, name: bob
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][INFO] Amount: 1000.0, wallet: infinite, balance: 0.0
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][INFO] Getting lore for UI item: item-price
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][INFO] Getting lore for UI item: item-worth-list
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][INFO] Getting lore for UI item: item-player-buy
    [20:24:37 INFO]: [dtlTraders][DEBUG][INFO] Event cancelled: true

    If i give money to trader bob and switch the wallet to private, the money will be removed from
    the traders balance, but the item still is in my inventory and my balance doesnt increase.

    Any suggestions?
  5. I didn't do the last update and don't know if anything in particular changed but be sure you click on the item in your inventory and not the traders inventory
  6. Yes, i clicked the items in my own inventory. Happens to me in both 1.11.x - versions (3.5.0 / 3.5.1)
  7. Cant help you then, sorry you might want to wait for samyratchet
  8. Hey Eekiig,

    I will test it for you, can you give me more details of your steps you follow
  9. Hey Eekiig,

    Yes i tested it on sell modus and you cant sell items like you said, i will update dtltraders.
    Tomorrow it will be available to download.

    Thanks for reporting :)
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  10. Hello!

    Is it possible for a seller to show different objects with a permission?

    For example:
    Etc ...

    Etc ...
  11. smmmadden


    Hey there @samyratchet, welcome to the plugin world. :) I've just added this plugin to the "Spigot Compatible Plugins" page (see link in my signature below) so that others can find it too. If you could kindly do a couple things, it will make it much easier on the user community looking for updates.
    1. Include the actual version next to the name (e.g. dtlTraders v3.5.1) and under it list which versions of Spigot it supports. If you check out others, you'll see a common theme between them.
    2. Though not required, I highly recommend that the filename being downloaded include the version as well. For servers with 40+ plugins and multiple servers, seeing "visually" what version the plugin is, helps server owners know when something needs updating. I'm pushing for all plugins to follow this theme to get some consistency in the process. :) For example, instead of downloading dtltrader.jar, it would be dtlTrader3.5.1.jar.

    Hope these details help you and good luck with it!! :)
  12. Hey draKeTool,

    Yes you can use price patterns to create pricing tiers for your VIP ranks.

    You can find the permissions: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/dtltraders/pages/permissions

    Documentation: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/dtltraders/pages/description-35-40

    Other questions ? Ask me ;) but read first the documentations!
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  13. Hey Steve,

    Thanks to add the plugin on the list, i will apply the required things ;)

    Thank you for your time
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  14. Ok I think my question was wrong

    What I want to know is if traders can show different items in the sell inventory
    With respect to the patterns already knew that characteristic

    But here what I would like to know if you could show different inventory's for users

    Noob inventory:

    Expert inventory:

    Master inventory:

    etc etc...

    sorry for my bad english
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  15. Try an 'item' pattern with tiers.


    - wood_sword a:1 p:10 // or use a price pattern alongside it
    - stone_sword a:1
    - iron_sword a:1
    - gold_sword a:1

    and add the following permissions (additional to pattern permissions)
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  16. This plugin is 100% what i have searched for...
    ...so I have to thank YOU!
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  17. Works great overall but when I put in items with a name, the name is reset when I click lock stock.
  18. Hey kiria,

    Thanks for reporting, this bugg was already on the list to fix for update 3.5.2 :)

    We have a delay to update it, cause there is a bugg on the sell shop to.

    I do it so fast i can to update it,

    thanks ;)
    #20 samyratchet, Feb 9, 2017
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