Spigot dtlTraders 6.4.6

A better way to trade! For Citizens(2).

  1. Just download 3.5.4 and have fun with 1.12 and 1.12.1 ;-)
  2. Recreation version will be released later, but you can download 3.5.4 that supports 1.12 and 1.12.1 enjoy ;)
  3. Yea, 3.5.4 is released and supports 1.12 and 1.12.1, for the future we will update dtlTraders on time ;)
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  4. 3.5.4 is released and supports 1.12 and 1.12.1 . When i dont answer it cause i have other things to do :p. I have servers to manage so my time have limits :p. but next updated will be on time . enjoy
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  5. AS PROMISED, expect this Friday (pay day) a phat donation courtesy of our tiny server! Thank you @samyratchet
    This plugin was worth the wait! :D:D:D:D
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  6. ty for update :D
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  7. Thanks for Update this plugin.

    I have a problem. When I unlock the shop, the custom heads become normal Steve heads and lose 1 NBT day
  8. Thanks for the update. I'll install it on my server soon.
    Will there be support for the Sponge core? There is a lack of such a plugin, there are no worthy analogues.
  9. Latest version works fine for 'vanilla' items, however when you attempt to add items with data values (Such as specific player values), it resets them as soon as you unlock the stock. This wasn't an issue in earlier versions of the plugin, thanks for the update though, appreciate it!
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  10. I have a new problem. The limits can be set, but the file is not described and thus the limits do not seem to work
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  11. Our server's market is all set up now, and perfectly! Thank you!
    Where's a DoNaTe button/link~? :D:D
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  12. Another plugin we launched with our experience:


    • 4CR-Particles // Creating particles was never that easy, with using worldedit.

    With this plugin you can setup easy particles using the plugin worldedit ;)

    Leave a review on that page when you like the plugin.

    Greets samyratchet
  13. Hey!
    For some reason, this plugin isn't working at all for me.
    I have the latest version and minecraft 1.11.2.
    Whenever I try to put any item in the chest inventory
    they disappear and do not save.
    Any tips or solutions you could give me? Thanks!
    29.08 20:02:05 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Exception message: null 29.08 20:02:05 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] 29.08 20:02:05 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Trader: kl, player: Cyberrock 29.08 20:02:05 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Method: manageUI 29.08 20:02:05 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Exception: InvocationTargetException 29.08 20:02:05 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] While executing inventory click event 29.08 20:02:03 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Exception message: null 29.08 20:02:03 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] 29.08 20:02:03 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Trader: kl, player: Cyberrock 29.08 20:02:03 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Method: manageUI 29.08 20:02:03 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Exception: InvocationTargetException 29.08 20:02:03 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] While executing inventory click event 29.08 20:02:01 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Exception message: null 29.08 20:02:01 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] 29.08 20:02:01 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Trader: kl, player: Cyberrock 29.08 20:02:01 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Method: manageUI 29.08 20:02:01 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Exception: InvocationTargetException 29.08 20:02:01 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] While executing inventory click event 29.08 20:01:56 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Exception message: null 29.08 20:01:56 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] 29.08 20:01:56 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Trader: kl, player: Cyberrock 29.08 20:01:56 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Method: manageUI 29.08 20:01:56 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] Exception: InvocationTargetException 29.08 20:01:56 [Server] INFO [dtlTraders][DEBUG][CRITICAL] While executing inventory click event
    EDIT: So I read that its fixed for 1.12
    but could you make it possible to work with 1.11.2 too?
    I need to stay on that version for other important plugins on my server.
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  14. Wish version of dtltraders you are using?
  15. Dtltraders 3.5.4, I tried the earlier versions but they don't work either ( reminder: I'm using MC 1.11.2)
  16. Works fine in Spigot 1.12.1
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  17. Yes I'm aware, but I need a working 1.11.2 version because of other plugins on my server.
    I'd really appreciate a working version for 1.11.2!
    #257 HyperDioxide, Aug 31, 2017
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  18. Hello! Is the present source code of this project available? (IE, your version, not dandielo's!)
  19. Pls add to locale this:
  20. Hi there!

    Few quick questions, is it possible to set the default view when you open a trader? So that I can default to selling rather than buying for example.
    Secondly, is the source for the updated version online? I'd love to help developing and could add this if it doesn't already exist!

    Thanks <3
    #260 Kezz101, Sep 15, 2017
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