Spigot dtlTraders 6.1.3

A better way to trade! For Citizens(2).

  1. Version of Spigot?
    Plugin list?
    Java version?
  2. Paperspigot 1.8.8
    I have a lot but the old version was working fine ;)
    java 8
  3. try using the newest version of Minecraft...
  4. Hi! First of all, AMAZING work on this plugin-- It has no rival in the server Market arena. So thank you for all the work you guys do!

    Just posting to say that I too am having the same console feedback as Malachiel.
    I am running Spigot 1.13.1 with Java 8. My plugin list is as follows (thank you for your time):

    Citizens 2.0.24.jar
    GriefPrevention 16.9.jar
    Lift 58.jar
    OpenInv 2018.08.26.jar
    PermissionsEx-1.23.4.jar (Migrating to LuckPerms soon even though no errors so far)
    RifleChairs 2.2.jar
    SilkSpawners 489.jar
    Vault 1.5.6.jar
  5. Hi,

    First of all. Thanks for all the hard work on this plugin.

    I really like your plugin, however I can't seem to make it work for me the way I want it to, but I keep coming back to it because I am sure it must be possible.

    Here are a few issues/questions, and I hope someone can help with.

    I have created an npc with "/npc create NAME", selected it and entered "/trait trader".
    I unlocked the stock under the SELL menu, added 64 arrows, and 64 iron, locked it, and set the prices.
    Other players can buy, no problem. However, the stock seems to be infinite? Surely, that can't be right. I hope there is an option so that players have to keep their traders' stock filled, otherwise it would seem as if items are just "magically" created, and no one has to work to keep their traders' stock filled.

    Second problem, I can't seem to tie the trader's wallet to the owner's wallet. When player B buys from player A's trader, I would like for the money to go to player A's wallet, but it just seems to vanish.

    These are my settings under Citizens/Saves.yml:
    type: PLAYER
    player-uuid: ****
    type: owner
    money: 0.0
    owner: Rejar
    uuid: ****

    Under Citizens/Saves.yml, there's:
    type: server

    I think this may be what's messing me around, but can't figure out what other option there is for "type".

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    I am running Spigot 1.12.2 with:

    AND a few others which I think aren't relevant.
  6. Hello thanks for your positive words.
    However first of all, dtlTraders is not supported for 1.13.1.
    The error seems odd and I have to take a look at it once I am able too.

    Have you tried and watch the tutorial video? :p I don't think you set the stock limits ;) (Not sure if this is already implemented.. I am not the original author and just a maintainer. However I'll be the author of dtlTraders5 but this takes a lot of time.
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  7. Hello, I keep have a big problem in 1.12.2 (latest build), with the 4.0.7 version of DTL traders.

    - Interact with a npc with this trait remove trails, skins, attachments on Crackshotplus guns and for DivineItems RPG, items lose all their utility and back to vanilla items.

    Can you fix it please for 1.12.2 ? I don't know if it is in other versions.
  8. There is no support for those plugins in this version of dtlTraders.
    I have to do some research on those plugins since I don't know them.
  9. + Theses items are removed from npcs when the server is restart :/
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  10. I did watch the video... it was tough getting through it. ^.^
    I have set "/trader wallet type set owner", but my economy balance still doesn't increase when someone buys an item, but their balance decreases by the correct amount.

    Under Citizens/saves.yml, it does that I am the owner, but in game when I use "/trader" it shows owner as blank. It says "Type: Server Trader" - does this matter? Are all player traders supposed to be Server Traders? If not, how can I change it?

    I think you misunderstood about the stock. (Unless this is what you meant about not being sure whether or not it's been implemented.) If a player adds 5 arrows to their trader's stock. And someone buys 3 arrows, there should be 2 arrows left. But, it doesn't seem to work that way. The trader will always sell 5 arrows. I get that this is how you set it when you add it, so that you can have different stack options. But... the stock never runs out? I don't want to set a stock limit with timers. The trader's owner should have to collect more arrows, or craft them, and replenish the stock himself. Or doesn't it work that way?

    Thanks for your quick reply. Is there a page for dtlTraders5 so we can follow the progress on it? Any planned changes?

    Once again, thank you.
  11. Kinda helps me :) But do you know what sort of meta they are adding? If you don’t know, no problem :)

    That’s not implemented sorry.. It’s a Great idea but dtlTraders right now is a server admin kind of thing not really focussed on the normal player use. However I’ll talk to Samy if we can add such feature (which won’t be a problem for him ;) )
    No there is no page to follow progress but you can join the discord and I’ll be happy to make a channel with updates. However I am currently working on one of my projects but will start on dtlTraders after it :)
  12. update to 1.13.1 maybe ?
  13. Read previous posts maybe? ;)

    I already said: 1.13.1 is unstable right now, but we are planning on updating it to 1.13.1 but it needs a lot of time since the itemstack has changed soo much and dtlTraders is all about items.
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  14. I gonna send you a video on this in PM ^^
  15. Hey, its a nice plugin.
    I read alltime youre working for 1.13.2, is it actually?
    I know its a hard work, i aks for our Server^^ We cant change because were waiting
  16. Do you want to know? Yes dtlTraders V5.0.0 is coming out this week ;) (edit, samy stop with giving yourself a deadline, you can't see the future xD)
    It would support 1.8 - 1.13.X and the plugin changed a lot, see the plugin page (its already changed for the new remaked version)
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  17. ETA? Been a week since you said this, just wondering, no hurries!
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  18. Yep, Plugin is almost finished, just 2 little buggs and a time option to reset the limit counts. Also i was thinking of adding a converter and made the decision to add it, so people don't need to remake the shops ;)
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