Dual CPU or just one?

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  1. Hey!

    I'm going to buy a new server soon, I have two options:
    • HP - ProLiant DL140 G3
    16GB RAM
    1x Intel Dual Core Xeon X5160 - 3,0GHz


    • HP - ProLiant DL140 G3
    8GB RAM
    2x Intel Dual Core Xeon X5150 - 2,66GHz

    Which one shall I choose?
    I'm going to run a spigot server with about 20~30 plugins or so!
  2. I hope you are not planning to rent this server or paying to colocate it in a datacenter. This server is beyond EOL. You should be able to outright purchase the hardware for home use for under $100, including motherboard and chassis.
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  3. Psychz-Jimmy


    What you paying for it?
  4. Agrees ONLY get it if it on the VERY cheap otherwise don't brother with these servers.
  5. Don't even get it at all. It's over 7 years old and the IPC vs today's CPU's are way too low. Minecraft is single-threaded so the other cores are not going to help.
  6. I am not going to rent it I'm going to buy it.
  7. 5 dollars.
  8. bahahaha, sure why not
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  9. :D The company I'm working for (educational as I'm studying for Electrician) and they are upgrading their servers so they asked if I wanted one!
  10. even for 5$ it ain't worth it. :( It's going to consume so much power, even in idle!
  11. Psychz-Jimmy


    Just find a colo with cheap power then.