Dude, anyone use ovhcloud usa location?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Zetth_, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Is there a reason you wanna use OVH Cloud instead of just OVH? I’ve never heard of the OVHCloud, then again, I don’t use OVH to begin with.
  2. First time hearing about OVHcloud... I mean, I use OVH myself but I have never heard of that. Anyone got info on what exactly OVHcloud is compared to regular OVH? I can't even find any reference to OVHcloud on the official OVH website...
  3. OVHCloud is the US division of OVH.com
    Odd name choice (ovh.us redirects to ovhcloud.com)

    They're the same servers as OVH.com, the GAME servers are excellent and probably overkill for Minecraft but more expensive due to the new US datacenter locations.
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  4. MikeA

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    No point in using OVH US branch for Minecraft, BHS (Canada) has similar servers at 50% the price and it's only a 20-40ms difference for most of the U.S. Not to mention IP costs are $10 instead of $3, so expect to pay more if you want dedicated IPs.

    OVH US is also not willing to work with people, it seems that they want to focus on cloud and enterprise customers.
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  5. I did consider using ovhcloud and I had a talk with them, main difference is that they "protect" user information, meaning your name and personal data is not shared at all.
    Also, they seem to have better support than standard OVH, the rest is just the same.

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