Bukkit Duel: 1v1 Edition [1.11] BETA 1.4

A fully automated 1v1 game with challenging, stats and kits! In Beta now!

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    Duel: 1v1 Edition [1.9] - A fully automated 1v1 game with challenging, stats and kits! In Beta now!

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  2. Oh that is a very cool concept the wagers I like it. In terms of money there is an economy system using "Tokens" to buy kits. And I will be adding more kits if that is what you were referring to by "items". Thanks for the feedback!!
  3. @TheJimmyJ57 I meant be able to wage money and/or items and now tokens would work too.
  4. O
    oh I understand. I will try to work that in once I have implemented multi-world support
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    Multi-World Support!

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  6. Who is that? I wrote this code all from scratch myself. So no I do not have nor do I need LimeGlass's permission. Why do you suggest that I need his permission?
  7. And the functions are the same, coincidence? not for me u.u
  8. Well its a 1v1 plugin, the functions are going to be somewhat the same. So no kidding. But I have never seen that webpage in my life. And I would download his code to check out where you think the comparison is but the download link doesn't work. So yes it is quite to coincidence, but I build this all on my own over the past 3 weeks.
  9. Sorry, this are a problem of Notepad++ (Because the name of files are the same?) i opened your script and opened me the other script with same name u.u
  10. Sorry for false accusation
  11. Wow this is crazy nice!! but...

    NO 1.8?! :O D:

    Hopefully its coming soon! Most servers are still 1.8 is why :p

    Before Posting:
    - Just tested it and holy moly this is nice. Make this premium. Ill pay.
  12. Thanks for the great feedback! I Would love to make this on 1.8 as well because of the much better PVP experience but unfortunately the GUI systems for skript on 1.8 don't quite work as well and it would not look as pretty and fluent as it is right now.

    Also this plugin will remain free as I think it is a good test for me! But I will be working on a 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4, expansion to this concept after I have completed this one and that will most likely be premium.

    Glad you liked it so much! If you wish to leave a review on it so others can hear about the features you enjoyed I would appreciate it very much!
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  13. That is alright :) I was just a little confused because I have never heard of this LimeGlass person in my life haha
  14. Ask around how others did with their Skripts! :) @RealmMianite
  15. TheJimmyJ57 updated Duel: 1v1 Edition [1.9] with a new update entry:

    Bug Fixes and Setup Menu!

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  16. Thanks so much! Please leave a review if you really enjoy it! Would be greatly appreciated!
  17. You're not allowed to put other plugins in your zip.

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