Spigot [Duels Extension] Placeholders 1.0.3

More placeholders for Duels.

  1. Your ping & opponents ping placeholders, please!
  2. I've added %duels_match_opponent_ping% and {duels_match_opponent_ping}. For your own ping, you can use %player_ping% for PlaceholderAPI and %ping% for MVdWPlaceholderAPI.
  3. That was fast, thanks!
  4. Is it possible to add a placeholder for the Arena state?
    Like... %duels_state%, set as 'ARENA' if the player is in battle, or empty if not; maybe configurable in the config.

    P.S. You should add the %duels_match_opponent_ping% and {duels_match_opponent_ping} in the list of placeholders in the plugin overview tab.

    Good weekend