Spigot Duels 3.4.0

Everything you need for a duel system.

  1. PM me on discord your server version and the error logs (if any). Also, does it happen when you are both in survival mode?
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  2. Good plugin, nice job !
  3. Bro can you please make it so that instead of a sign you click on an NPC and then you join the arena and wait for someone else to join?
  4. Hi, i love the plugin and i saw that you could make duels only enabled in some worldguard regions. So i was wondering if there was any way to completely disable the duels plugin in certain worlds (my worlds that i would like no duels plugin are called rss and pvp) and make it so that players cannot even see the duels commands available in those world so that it is perfectly clear that they need to be in one world "arena" to do duels and its commands. - as well as this make it so that people in other worlds do not get the ACCEPT/DENY duel message.

    Failing this

    would it be possible to make it so that if people are not in the correct world to accept requests when they hit the accept button it can come up with a custom message explaining some custom stuff.

    here is my current code: the region that players are currently only able to send requests s called "duellobby".
    hope this makes sense


    Thank you

    also when i die in the arena it says your home bed was missing or obstructed. is there any way to disable this message? I Tried chaning this bedRespawn: 'false' but it did not seem to work.

    thanks again
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  5. Hi, love your plugin

    Is it possible to allow players to select whether they want to use their own inventories or to use the kits? I only see how to permanently set it using the config.yml
  6. In config, there's an option called blacklisted-worlds. Also, in lang, you can change the message for the option by editing in-blacklisted-world. For bed spawn, it is most likely something to do with EssentialsXSpawn it seems.
  7. Not at the moment, but it will be added in the future.
  8. Thanks, this worked perfectly!
  9. i tied to set i to true but it doesnt work..It seems like language file works but not config file. Why there is no command to reload thr oncifg file?
  10. hey can you add KitBattleAdvanced support? becasue abilities dont work in a duel :(
  11. Hi! I have a question. I create a little lobby just outsite the arena but players can pvp there. Is there a way to prevent this? Thanks
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  12. Hello, this is the best free duels plugin!
    Can anyone help me? The problem is that the players can break the arena, but i dont want to put a WG region because i want the players can place blocks form kits.
    Thank you!
  13. Install worldguard extra flags and simply use allow-block-place and/or deny-block-break
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  14. I think you should be able to create a worldguard region for that lobby. Duels by default tries to override pvp deny flag for arena players though, but you can disable this in config by setting force-allow-combat.
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  15. Thanks. That's what i did finally. But i had to make two zones. lobby with pvp deny and arena with pvp allow. Now it works :)
  16. 1.) cant get this to work i have it set to true but it still allows me to drop a item and when people die it drops their gear.

    Code (Text):
    prevent-item-drop: true
    client: 1.7.10

    2.) when betting money does it give money from the server? like if i bet $100 vs another player and he wins shouldn't he get my $100 only? not my $100 + server $100?

    3.) also is there a command to go in queue? would like to create a npc for 1v1 queuing.
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  17. 1) that option is for dropping items with Q. If it still allows you to drop an item, it is most likely that another plugin is undoing the drop item cancellation.

    2) Yes, the winner should only get the loser’s money. Is it not taking from your balance when you lose?

    3) /queue join
  18. Great plugin thanks to share it for free!

    Here is the French translate I made for the lang.yml file.
    You will save some hours of translate :)
    (Just rename the "lang.txt" file too "lang.yml")

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  19. Merci
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  20. Please add iDisguise support to stop players from during while being disguised
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