Spigot DungeonsXL 0.18-SNAPSHOT-771

[1.8.8-1.13.2] Create custom dungeons and adventure maps with ease!

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    DungeonsXL - Create custom dungeons and adventure maps with ease!

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  2. Upload pictures!
  3. This is a great plugin tho, looking forward to updates :D
  4. Yes, oh Captain my Captain! o7

    I'll do that as soon as possible :)
    Feature requests are highly appreciated :)

    v0.9.2 will not change or add any features, though. I'll just rewrite some code that refers to deprecated parts of the Bukkit API. v0.9.3 will contain a handler for the net.minecraft.server imports sothat one Jar can support multiple versions.
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  5. Sounds amazing we desperatlty need dungeon for our people

    Can you help us creating it and stuff?

    check our website and let me know

  6. Magnifique, votre page d'accueil :) Bien sûr, je vais essayer d'aider. Quelles sont votre questions ? Qu'est-ce que vous avez fait ? Quels sont les problèmes ?
  7. Tu parles Francais? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  8. Je viens d'Allemagne. Pas souvent, mais oui. Je traduis tous mes plugins en Anglais et Français, ce sont les langues je parle. Je vais faire ça pour DXL aussi quand j'ai fini tout le code.
  9. Geniallll tu pourras venir sur TS? pour que tu maides a creer les donjons?
  10. Malheureusement, je ne suis pas un fan de TS et choses comme ça. Je suis désolé :C

    Mais, ce n'est pas un problème de visiter votre serveur, si j'ai les temps. En fait, il m'interesse. :)
  11. ok pas de soucis pour le ts, on peut se parler par ecris :)

    oui faudrait que tu nous aider a creer les donjons :s

    viens sur play.minesquare.fr stp
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    UUID update

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  13. J'ai visité le seveur, aujourd'hui. Vous utilisez Towny ? :X Malheureusement, nous avons le meme problème sur notre serveur. Jusqu' on utilise Towny, DXL ne marche plus. Il y a des problèmes si DXL essaie de copier les mondes... Je ne suis pas sur mais je pense qu' on peut réparer cela avec PerWorldPlugins. Essayez de limiter Towny aux mondes où vous avez besoin de ce plugin.
  14. Oui on utilise towny mais dans le monde créé par DXL pas de probleme, peux tu venir stp?
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  16. Question:
    Would mythicmob spawners work with this plugin? If not could you add support for it? If it had support for it i would LOVE to use it!!!
  17. Well, in fact, the original author planned to add support for:
    • Money as a reward (Vault)
    • Support for Citizens, Sentry and Denizen
    • Custom music, textures, mobs, items, physics (?), GUIs etc. with Spoutcraft
    I like this ideas as well and would love to continue their work regarding to this. Of course, the list is outdated. Unfortunately, Spoutcrat died and left a hole of features behind. I share the opinion that boss mobs are boring, right now, and I'd love to improve them with external plugins, too. I thought about an updated upcoming features list and this would match best to the needs of our own server:
    • Money as a reward (Vault)
    • Support for Citizens, Sentry and Denizen
    • Custom textures and items with a custom item plugin I plan to code myself
    • Custom music, maybe with SoundCenter
    • Custom GUIs with HolographicMenus
    • Custom mobs with InfernalMobs
    This is still not the whole list. In my opinion, MythicMobs is too crowded and I wouldn't use it myself, but many features are really genius and you're already the second guy who asked for MythicMobs support. So if it's not too hard to code it, I'll probably work on it. No promises, though.

    Right now, there are many plugins that are not directly supported but usable if you know how to work with command blocks. The issue is that you can't use DXL triggers with them.
  18. May i ask what you mean by mythicmobs is too croweded :)?

    Mythicmobs is the only plugin ive found so far that has great potential when it comes to real mob and item customization all bound together as one. Of course its not perfect in my opinion but its pretty close to perfect when it comes down to it. I mean i dont know if the code is as nice as it should be or if everything the code does is handled correctly. But from a user standpoint its pretty near perfect.

    All that im missing atm is a dungeon system that supports it. Would you consider it if i paied you? In that case how much would it cost me to get you to make support for it?
  19. You're right. "Crowded" - regarding to the needs of our server. I need a custom item plugin, but a more powerful one that has an optional client part as well, so the item features of MythicMobs don't help me but make the plugin crowded. My problem is that the license of MythicMobs is "All Rights Reserved", so I can't just fork and extend it.

    Concerning your offer to pay me, let me quote myself even though I wrote that in a different context (another plugin I wrote called HolographicMenus).
    In this case it's the same, the only difference is that my reason to reject donations is not because DXL is a small project but because I'm not the original author.

    Don't worry, I'll have a look at the API of MM and if it offers what I need, support will be added. For free ^^
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  20. Whoop whoop, well lets hope it does get added, i really want a dungeon system :) For now we will just do open dungeons until a option pops up and thanks for the reply. Too bad i cant pay you to add it xD ^^

    When you find the optional client part of custom item plugin, i would love to check it out :) I wouldnt mind more control than mythicmobs offers :)