Spigot DungeonsXL 0.18-SNAPSHOT-771

[1.8.8-1.13.2] Create custom dungeons and adventure maps with ease!

  1. sry, update fixed this issue...
    but i found another one.
    in reward inventory, after entering next page, i cannot back previous page. items on the first page may disappear.
    this happened on the latest version! (0.16#03)

    please watch 4:10~
    i took what happened when i open reward inventory.
    with this issue, there is no error log on my console.
    #1101 yoshihiro5225, Jul 16, 2018
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  2. Testing a dungeon by design does not give you any rewards.
    Thank you, that was helpful. I'll see if I can get this fixed before the next release.
  3. Sataniel updated DungeonsXL with a new update entry:

    v0.16, 4th release candidate

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. Vae


    Is not,I Using the command /dxl play
  5. How is your ready sign triggered?
  6. Vae


    Player direct transmission to [Start],And then you have to click [ready],To get started
  7. Vae


    Directly to bypass [lobby]
  8. Hi where do i i find the MAP SPECIFIC SETTINGS? there is nothing like a config in the dungeonxl/maps

    Becouse i want the player to go int the dungeon with their own equipment, please help <3!
  9. I can't trigger message signs, when i enter as a player to the dungeon the sign appears just like in edit mode. What i'm doing wrong?. I tried proximity and interaction
  10. Did you start the game with a ready sign?
  11. Oh i get it, i was trying to add messages on the lobby. So when you enter you don't hit the ready sign yet. I'm trying to add messages for the tutorial. Another question, chest inventory goes to lootable chest, but i want to give a key so they open a door. What should i do?. I don't get how drop signs work.
  12. You can of course just use chests without chest signs. Those will just work like usual chests. A drop sign simply causes an item to be dropped.

    {stack size},{drop rate}

    Specify an item in the second line. Valid formats can be found here. If you use ItemsXL, you can register your key with a custom display name, lore lines and whatever you want as a custom item there and simply use its identifier (let's say you name it "dxl_key_1"). Stack size explains itself. The drop rate is the time until another item drop spawns. If you leave that empty or set it to -1, the item will spawn only once. As you intend to use this for a key item, a setup like this seems to make sense to me:

    T 1

    Also consider adding the key to the secureObjects list (in your floor config or whatever you use). A secure object will be passed to another player of the group if its holder leaves the dungeon or quits the server.
  13. Hi! anyone know what is the name of the world for the dungeon? becouse i want to disable one plugin for the dungeons but idk the name of the world
  14. Better limit the plugin to the worlds where you use it, DungeonsXL does not use consistent names for instance worlds. They are all called "DXL_Game_" + an ID number, or "DXL_Edit_" + ID if they are edit worlds.
  15. I've a question,how to make a destructible wall,which is made by block,It's seemed like csol,if you can help me in this question,I'll be very grateful for you!
  16. I have no idea what you mean by "csol", but you can easily do that with block signs. Please check the wiki for more information.
  17. Is there a way to let players keep their potion effects in the dungeon like how you can let them keep their inventory?
  18. Yes. That's included in keepInventoryOnEnter.