Spigot Dupe Fixes / Illegal Stack Remover 2.4.2a

Provided fixes for several vanilla bugs that allow players to dupe on your server.

  1. McMMO support AND Slimefun support in back-to-back updates? :D(y)
  2. does it also allow you to get > 64 items out at a time? or does it give them to you in proper legal stacks?
    I don't have a copy of the plugin but it appears that it uses an Anvil GUI for the furnaces? if so Im pretty sure I can detect one of their inventories and just have IllegalStack ignore that type.

    HOWEVER; if they give players more than the vanilla stack limits its going to be a little more challenging.
  3. Also I can’t get epic furnaces to stack over 64 items, they all seem to stop at the stack limit

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  4. No, no illegalstack error messages before the spam..

    It happens also on latest version on paper (148 1.14.4)

    It does not happen on 1.14.2
  5. IllegalStack always posts a message to the console whenever it removes/interacts with an item. If IllegalStack caused this there should be a message letting you know that action was taken. If you send me a whole log of when this happens (via hatebin.com or my discord) perhaps I can help you track Down what has caused it!

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  6. Hi, would you please consider open sourcing the plugin? Would like to see inside and possible contribute!

  7. I’ve had a couple requests for this, let me look into it I need to do some refactoring and cleaning up of the code first.

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  8. looks like this focus' mostly on hacked clients and packet attacks/exploits whereas illegalstack focus' more on game mechanic exploits. If you're having forceop / packet crashing problems then you may still need this as IllegalStack does not check for uuid spoof or packet spam
  9. People can do the 0 tick sugar cane farm still, can you make it so your plugin prevents that by any chance?
    Is it also possible if you can make your plugin prevent fast redstone clocks?
  10. can you send me a screenshot of the farm specifically piston arrangement near the sugarcane?
    or if you want to make a schematic you can hop on my discord and send it.

    it should detect all known variants of this exploit already for sugarcane, cactus, bamboo and chorus plants.

    also what version of IllegalStack are you running and what version of spigot/paper?
  11. In regards to the 0 tick, we had a player build this on our server. Also interested in a way to block 0 tick farms, without disrupting other parts of redstone :|

  12. IllegalStack should not interfere with legit redstone builds, detection does not prevent zero ticking the block but it prevents the creation of farms such as the one in this video that shifts the sand causing a block update before the crop has a chance to break.

    If you push sand under a cactus with a normal piston and a lever, the cactus/bamboo/sugarcane will break. Therefore it should never be acceptable to need to zero tick blocks with bamboo/cactus etc on top of them.

    Just pushing sand or dirt or whatever substrate will Never he blocked by IllegalStack unless there’s one of the exploitable plants on top of it. Same with carpet and rail dupes, there very little legit reason to need to push coral, and carpets and rails on a slimeblock.

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  13. Oh so we should be blocking these already? I shall double check my version and settings, but pretty sure we were up to date and this worked when we activated it. (user actually told us about it before activating).

    Edit: checked settings and I indeed didnt toggle this to on. whoops!
  14. Villagers restocking is not properly tracked
    [Mojang] Cory Scheviak

    Says it’s fixed

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  15. Yea but in a future version so prob 1.14.5 IF and that's a massive IF they do it, so it wont be fixed till 1.15 :/