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Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by LRS, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. LRS


    There is a severe duplication glitch that has just been discovered.
    Using tnt and a chest, and some redstone, you can duplication the following:

    - Spawn eggs
    - Wither heads
    - Player heads
    - Potions
    - Xp bottles
    - And many more!

    If the glitch is executed successfully, the player gains the item in their inventory.
    (if in 1.8) you will see the Value "0" (Zero) next to the item.
    You use this item by clicking, eg creeper egg:
    The creeper will spawn, and the value next to the creeper egg will decrease to -1, you can keep doing this down to -127 where it will switch to positive "127" and count all the way down to "0" as you use it. then it will cycle through again, from 0 to -1, down to ,127 etc.

    If this glitched item is placed in a dispenser or dropper it will dispense a copy of that item.
    eg creeper egg:
    - Glitched creeper egg is in the dispenser with clock running:
    it will dispense 1 creeper egg per tick, and just as if you where using the item, it will decrease the value in the hopper, from 0, to -1, to -127, then to positive 127, then down to 0, then -1 etc.
    Thus creating infinite items.

    And example of the glitch working on a server:
    note: click the "---" in the top right, then select "mp4"
    note: Watch value of xp bottles in slot 1 in the hotbar


    This bug is ruining faction server economies rapidly.
    Please patch ASAP.

    Glitch discovered from:
  2. I got an Email that MD_5 has already fixed this issue with the "New" release of 1.8.
  3. LRS


    So we can't actually use it yet?
  4. Maximvdw


    In case its a vanilla bug report it to mojang
  5. LRS


    let me test in single player to check.
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  6. LRS


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  7. I'm assuming ClearLag has to do with it... so it's not exactly a Vanilla Minecraft bug..
  8. LRS


    Assumptions are the mother of all f*ck ups.
    Read carefully. clearlag has nothing to do with it, the dude in the video just uses that method to destroy the item.
    Read comments "Works in vanilla" vanilla = no plugins = no clearlagg.
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  9. Ah, alright. Sorry, couldn't bear listen to him swearing, just skimmed through it.
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  10. Theepwner


    In the description he says it doesn't work with mcMMO servers... Which many Survival/Factions servers have.

    But in the comments he has apparently found a new method to do it... He's going to post that vid in the next few days or so I think. I really hope that this glitch isn't discovered by too many people.
  11. ive got the same problem..
  12. JamesJ


    There is no bed to sass, or be rude to us.
    Don't just join the community, start demandin things and then r rude to users.
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  13. Hey @md_5, can you tell us which class was responsible for this?
  14. Sudzzy


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  15. Quite honestly, this is a rather easy bug to temporarily patch up until a fix is released.
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  16. Hint:

    If chests can't be destroyed by TnT...
  17. For a server that is based off of raiding this isn't really an option.
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  18. Coming soon in premium plugins selection: A plugin to block chest's blowing up by TnT :p
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  19. ...and please hurry up with that, I need it!
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