Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by aristant, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Any one know a fix to this?
  2. I couldn't reproduce it at all, not sure if doing it wrong though
  3. This was fixed ages ago. Please update your server.
  4. i use 1.8.

    what version was is patched
  5. It was patched in one of the later 1.8.0 builds, iirc. We dont use numerical build numbers anymore. So when you say "I use 1.8" that literally means nothing. There are a few hundred versions already released for 1.8 ;) If you are still on 1.8.0, you are about 6 months behind the times.

    If you check out the latest news section of the site (also the front page) you will see we are currently on the 1.8.7 builds and everyone is recommended to upgrade to the "latest" build using BuildTools.
  6. only thing i worry about is plugins breaking ;s
  7. Plugins shouldn't break. Even the ones that use NMS still work from 1.8.4+