Duplicate items problem

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  1. Hi!
    I have a server with ~200 players online.
    A few players found a glitch with copying items.
    I'm using Essentials [Trade] sings, I think it's the fault of this plugin.
    In chests of one of this players I found a 64x gold helmet, 64x gold chestplate.. in stacks.
    With the same enchants..

    Hm.. It's look like they have access to /item command, but they don't. I checked permissions.

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    Sounds like a permission problem to me if you said they have access to /item. Upload your permissions please.
  3. They haven't access to /item, sorry for my english. I'm from Poland. ^
  4. I know that Buy and Sell signs do it, but do the Trade signs log to a file? If you check "trade.yml" located in the plugins/Essentials and filter for the players name. Check their trades/purchases and see if you can see the source of the issue.

    You could also threaten the players with bans unless they admit to how they did it...?

    Also, do you have a Creative world?
  5. I don't have creative world. It's only survival.
    I checked logs and I don't see anything special.
    Players who have many money sell items only for 1$ using trade, but players who have duplicate items sell/buy normally.
  6. Hello! You can dupe items with chestshop plugin but as far as i can tell you doesnt have chestshop installed.
    If you belive that its Essentials trade sign then you should contact Essentials staff team with a support ticket or in live chat.
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    Sounds like /more to me