Solved Duplicating Issues with Skyblock

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  1. Hello! I've already posted this on the "Spigot Help" forums, and I've decided to try moving it to here instead. Does anybody have any insight on this? Here' the original post link:

    And here's the original post:
    Thanks so much.
  2. Get a plugin that clears the player's inventory when they die? ...or just remove your "Hub world", because it's pointless having it on the same server as your game(s). :p
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  3. I've already done this, thanks though. The problem is that this also works when players put items in chests. They can put a stack of diamonds in a chest, fall off into the void and die, and then go back to Skyblock and have the stack in their inventory as well as the chest.

    And I do not own multiple servers, I own one big server with everything on the same server. I realize this is a bad setup and I hope to change this in the future when I have the time and resources.
  4. Bump :p Perhaps this is some problem with PerWorldInventory? Should I contact the developer guy?
  5. - You could use a better anticheat
    - You could use bug fixer, like: NBTTags, ItemDoublicator
  6. What is a "better anticheat"? I've heard great things about NCP and it blocks many hacks that players try to use.
    Are those two "bug fixers" you listed plugins? I can't seem to find them anywhere.
  7. Your're linking random plugins there !?
    OOPS :) - you refered to the fixers. The linked jars don't contain source code though.

    Have you checked the worlds gamerules and configurations of multi-wolrd-related plugins? Should also exclude those type of surprises. Command logs with give or spawn entity (items...) could be interesting, in case someone else might've placed command blocks or abused admin powers. Server / plugins up to date... (permissions... ops...) - haven't heard of this, unless it's an outdated version / special settings / special plugin issue.
  8. lol Of course they do, they're jar files...? What do you mean?
  9. They mentioned that people could 'check the source code' - and then linked the jar files only.

    I hope you are aware that it's possible to include source files with a jar file :), it's just an archive type after all.
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  10. I've mostly solved this issue by downgrading my PerWorldInventory plugin to an older version. Oddly enough, I haven't been able to replicate the issue after doing so. Thanks for the suggestions, I suppose.
  11. Not sure what you're on about. Jar files always contain source code, unless they're entirely empty (meaning they're useless).
  12. He was referring to the fact you could've hidden a malicious file inside of the jar file. Jar files are essentially archives compressed to save space. In a plugin instance, the compressed data is source code for a plugin; however, if you were to hide a .exe for instance, we could not see the source code.