Spigot DurabilityAlert [1.13-1.17] 1.5.8

Gives the players a warning when their items are low on durability

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    DurabilityAlert - Gives the players a warning when their items are low on durability

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  2. please add the possibility to translate alerts.
  3. Will do! I'll update it tomorrow :)
  4. Check out the latest release :) got it done sooner than I thought
  5. This looks like a really really dope Idea, but I'd love it if you made a 1.7 (Or Legacy) versions applicable version that you could link on the home page... So instead of the titles it just runs the message in chat.
    Maybe you dont wanna do this and honestly fair enough but either way dope plugin!
  6. I'll think about it! :)
    But also, I think there are a lot of legacy versions already, which is why I made this one (non-legacy)
    maybe try https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/durabilitynotify/files ?
    If that one doesnt do what you want or work, let me know, and Ill look into porting mine to 1.7
  7. Would it be possible to show durability in the boss bar?

    Such as this

    as text: Durability: 100/100
    using the boss bar as the durability bar, with item name above it.
  8. I'd have to look into it later this week. I'll let you know then
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    feature addition

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  10. Hello DarkMonolith,
    Could you please consider adding an option that puts nearly broken items into a 'virtual' chest or something?
    It would be useful because players in combat won't have to de-equip armour themselves.
  11. So, think I found a bug, using the AdvancedEnchantments plugin and using an enchantment called Detonate. Basically allows you to break 3x3 areas, and when players use it, they don't get an alert when their tools are about to run out
  12. I set my warning type to "Durability" then set my desired values for armor/tools but how do I set a value for weapons? It appears my weapons still warn based on percent.