Spigot Dyeable Water 1.0.6

Brings dyeable water, lava and potion brewing to cauldrons in Minecraft Java Edition

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    Dyeable Water - Brings dyeable water in cauldrons to Minecraft Java Edition

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  3. Unzip the resource pack and edit the pack.mcmeta file. Change the "pack_format" from 5 to 4.
    EDIT - new link added to 1.14.x resource pack version
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    DyeableWater v1.0.1

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  5. if a cauldron have other cauldrons at the sides at the moment of dyeing the water sometimes the other cauldrons lower the level of water, also you should add all potions and make players be able to throw more than one empty bottle to make 3 potions instead of just one
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  6. I wonder, do I have to install the ressource pack on the client? Or can I install it on the server and clients autoload it (my prefered way). Some hint would be nice.
  7. Either way should be OK
  8. Took me a while, but I managed it. It is now as download in the server config (just with url).
  9. Hey eccentric, loving the plugin thus far, quick question about deployment though! On the overview page you list the three permissions the mod uses, since this mod doesn't seem to have an accessible plugin.yaml file for setting permissions (or at least I haven't found it), does this require some sort of permissions manager to edit those and allow non-operator players on the server to utilize it? And if so, do you have one that you'd recommend?
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  10. Yes, you'll need a permissions plugin, though no plugin gives access to plugin.yml (do you mean a config.yml?)
    I've been using PermissionsBukkit for years, but my needs aren't very complex.
  11. Could you possibly update this for 1.16.5? ^-^ would like to use this on my MMORPG server
  12. Current version will run fine on 1.16.5, as will the 1.15 version resource pack, but I'll bump the versions so there are no warnings...
  13. Small bug: Holding empty buckets that has more than 1 bucket stacked (example: 2 buckets, 16 buckets) then clicking a Dyed Water Cauldron removes every bucket in the stack and only gives you 1 Dyed Water Bucket.
  14. Fixed in v1.0.6
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