Dynamic ip ban.. HELP!!!

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  1. Hello, i have problem with one player.

    I have offline mode this will be first what i must write here.

    But this player, always when i ban him.. he is unbanned.. he can unban his nickname.. iam worried, help me please.
  2. Ip ban him. /ipban name
  3. I cant.. no working, he join again
  4. You can /ipban
    Then you ban his ip. If not try some other ban pøugins.
  5. He/she is most likely using cracked Minecraft. Your best solution would probably to be to enable online mode
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  6. Range bans.
  7. NO way.
    I want stay at offline mode.
  8. Get a login plugin
  9. Why you want to stay in offline mode... You won't run into problems like this if you are running on online mode.
  10. He may use proxy, and if he use it you cannot ban he. You always ban a proxies
  11. He's most likely running a proxy along with a hacked version of minecraft and has billions of options for what his name is or what he wants it to be and probably hundreds of IP options so you cannot ban him, either turn your server online or deal with it.
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    Either go online mode or get no help. Sorri ;)
  13. There are legitimate uses for cracked mc, Notch said so himself. We support offline mode servers, bukkit doesn't.
  14. ban his ip range or iptables
  15. ogodam
    I learned something new .-.
    tough shit

    you can't get rid of him.
    New names + new IP is all that's needed.
  16. Okay?
  18. He is changing a letter in his name and logging back in so if George gets banned GEorge can login server sees it as the same username name unless you are on 1.8+
  19. Offline mode servers do not fall under this category.