Spigot Dynamic Market 2.0 2.0

Global shop that follows the rules of supply and demand!

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    Dynamic Market 2.0 - Global shop that follows the rules of supply and demand!

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  2. Following this! Very intrigued - might be the ideal option for our server in the future.
  3. What about the lag aspect, I had a custom dynamic pricing plugin made a few years back. When there are a large amount of players buying and selling it caused massive tps drops. What have you done here that could prevent such a thing, if there isnt you better come up with a really good way to combat that.
  4. I dont know exactly what was causing that issue for you, but there is likely some lag with lots of players using it. I havent done anything specific, but i havent tested out to see how bad it would be either.
  5. any plans for a gui?
    Also, if i change the value of lets say: elytra to 30k. Why does it still pays +-5k for the item when its sold out?
    When changing the QuantityScalar to lets say 20k , all items will be +-20k when sold out
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  6. Is there any version of the plugin support 1.12 MC?
  7. Will this work for Chest / sign shops? And how about auction related plugins?

    Just curious how this will work if not, as players may not use this plugin, or I'm going to have to scrap the above or find a workaround etc.

    Also - NBT items. Will this work with enchanted items, items with multiple enchants etc?

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