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  1. I've looked for ages and haven't been able to find a plugin like mineplex or others that displays the available servers and sorts them by amount of players and game status [open/full/in progress]. Anyone know of one or could kindly whip one together? ;) Thanks in advance!

    To be a bit more clear, I'm looking for a bungeecord plugin to fetch a list of online servers and sort them in a gui by player count and game phase/status.
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  2. DeluxeMenus
  3. Looked at it ages ago, it isn't what I'm looking for, if the server is offline it still shows up, plus they can't be sorted. I'm looking for an online server lister/sorter gui
  4. Servers like mineplex and hypixel and a custom core that would do that. That's what i recommend is having a custom one made
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  5. Well I knew that, just inquiring if anyone HAD made one for the public.

    Problem is my wallet is naught but an empty void, so unless some kind soul would be willing to dev one for free, I'm sunk. I suppose my best bet would be to post in the plugin requests section and just ask...