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Dynamic server synchronization utilizing Redis!

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    DynamicBungee - Dynamic server synchronization utilizing Redis!

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    Does this lib enable me to send custom Messages over Redis ?
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    Yes, you can fully utilize Redis with this library. I've added a basic code example of how to use this utility to the resource info page.

    I also made a correction regarding channel subscribing.
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  4. I have added this and dependencies, all connect correctly and the bukkit servers are register within the heartbeats. However, on joining via bungee it nevver connects. As soon as I remove the DynamicBungee plugin from my bungee server I can connect correctly again.

    Bungee output:
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    Make sure that your fallback server is a valid server. You are using DynamicBukkit on your Bukkit servers correct?
  6. The fallback is valid as I can jump on that no problem without this plugin. And the bukkit servers are registering fine on Redis. I can view the heartbeat no problem.

    Should I get a readout on the bungee console as bukkit servers connect?


    After removing the eternal ip: things work
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    Glad to hear you got it working for you.
  8. Thanks for this wonderfully powerful tool.
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    No problem, it's essentially the same thing that we used on the Ssundee's Titan MC Network and it's what we use on the AntVenom Network, so I figured it would make a good resource for the community, especially since it's designed to where there is nothing confidential about it.
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    That sir is a good thing to look up in google. ;P
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  11. I'd like to start off by saying that this is a very nice plugin, and makes things a lot simpler, with servers being dynamically added and all.

    With that said, is it possible to make a plugin for DynamicBungee that would listen for when servers are added and removed? Sort of like a listener (i.e. ServerAddedEvent, ServerRemovedEvent). I ask this because I'd like to determine a servers status via MySQL via this method, as opposed to having the actual server doing this, in the case that it crashes and continues to appear online.
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    Yeah, I should be able to add event support on the DynamicBungee level. I do plan to deprecate the DynamicBungee plugin loader as it's more or less redundant and was really me just playing around with class loading, however, it's not difficult to move over to making a BungeeCord plugin to be honest. ;)
  13. is this still being developed? I know it's a stupid sounding question but I've been burned by 4 really cool plugins where the developer disapeared just as I saw it :)
  14. Is this still being updated/developed? Seems abandoned.
  15. Look for RedisBungee
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