Spigot DynamicHolograms 0.1.2-BETA

Create dynamic Holograms through the simple API of DynamicHolograms!

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    DynamicHolograms - Create dynamic Holograms through the simple API of DynamicHolograms!

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  2. How work what commands i have to do!? can be add more that one hologram
  3. There are no commands, tbis is more of api, than a plugin, but there is one feature everyone can use, check the config.yml!
  4. I love this plugin u.u!
  5. Thx <3
  6. I have some suggestions.

    1. Add placeholders, so players can find stuff, such as their money, health, EXP, Time.
    2. Add option to enable/disable plugin in certain worlds.

    Besides that, this plugin looks promising.
  7. I wrote the plugin with the intention being it more APIish, so developers could add there own stuff, but I will think about adding some placeholders and maybe multi-world support ;) I don't have so munch time anymore, so it might take some time until I get things finished.
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  8. Echt geiles Plugin :)
    aber könntest du machen das man da Variablen einfügen kann wie Money usw und auch seine eigene. von dem plugin Skript ?
    Wäre echt nice :)
    Lg TheRacer88888
  9. Danke, ein Post über dir habe ich geschrieben, dass ich es hinzufügen werde, jedoch wird es dauern. Kannst du mir bitte ein Link geben zu diesem Plugin?
    Bitte auch auf Englisch hier im Thread schreiben.
  10. can you add 1.9 support please thanks :)
  11. I see this after motnhs xD


    Here you can downlaod it :D