Universal DynamicSlots 1.0

Set the slots of your server based on mysql, file or web queries or by adding to your player count!

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    DynamicSlots - Set the slot count of your server based on mysql, file or web queries or your playercount!

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  2. Can I use this this plugin to add slots when the server is full? ie.) The sever has 20/20 people so it expands to 20/30 people.
  3. Phoenix616

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    Yes, you can set it up so that the slot amount displayed in the server list is always a configured amount above the actual playercount.
  4. And these are functional slots? Can I make it based on a mathematical formula?
  5. Phoenix616

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    I don't think so. You'll have to set your max player count in your server settings to the same number as in the plugins max slot setting. Now that I think about it I should probably add a kick if someone tries to join when the plugins calculates that there is no slot available + a permission to bypass that.

    Not with the plugin itself but you can by calculating it some where else via the web request, mysql or file functionality. Maybe I should also add some placeholder variables there to insert the current player and slot count into the query.