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Dynamic 'Google Maps' style web maps for your Spigot/Bukkit server

  1. please update to 1.17
  2. Dynmap does not create a config folder. It creates a text file called "configuration.txt"
  3. umm you might want to check in the "updates" tab and read the release notes :)
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  5. Not sure if you understand my question. It's not that I can't get a config folder, it's that there is no folder to place a configuration file in. I may have worded it a little odd while writing in hindsight, but I can't seem to be able to use commands, get onto the site, or even get Dynmap to generate a config file. Thanks!
  6. So do you mean there is no folder in your plugins folder named dynmap?
  7. How can I mask IP of dynmap web? Please tell its very important
  8. How do I remove the map from the nether and end in the web dynmap? I don't want the dynmap to be loading those maps.
  9. You can set worlds to render (or not to render) in worlds.txt where you can just set "enabled: false" for every world you don't want to render.
  10. [QUOTE = "takatalvi, publicación: 4207019, miembro: 242796"] Puede configurar mundos para renderizar (o no renderizar) en worlds.txt donde puede establecer "habilitado: falso" para todos los mundos que no desee render. [/ QUOTE]

    ¿Debería ser así?

    - nombre: inferior
    título: "Nether"
    habilitado: falso

    Por cierto. ¿Cómo puedo evitar que mi IP aparezca en la parte inferior derecha? Mi mapa web tiene dominio pero la ip aparece debajo en el dynmap y no quiero que nadie la vea, además tengo el chat web deshabilitado y sigue apareciendo aunque no se puede usar. Gracias. @mikeprimm

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  11. Buenas, ya coloque todo al pie de la letra, y cuando coloco la pagina no carga, que procede ?
  12. Yes, the config should work this way - the Nether will not be available in the web map. Regarding the IP, I personally have no experience in this, I never managed to hide the IP. Not sure why it displays on the bottom right but you might want to go through the dynmap config and see if there is a setting for that. Also try a different browser, the address you showed looks like something your browser displays when you hover over a link. The link in your picture is a direct link to specific coordinates, which you can get when you click the link button in the bottom left.
  13. Guys one last thing, I did fullrender the first day I made the server and the map was loaded with the "hires" configuration, I have deleted the tiles folder and now I must render the map again, also I have put lowres so that it works less the cpu. I'm right? I did a test with timings and dynmap was consuming a lot, I had the 1: 1000 scale earth map rendered with hires.
  14. The CPU usage during rendering is not that different between hires and lowres. What is different is the rendering time, and used storage. Hires will take hours upon hours, up to days depending on the world size. Lowres will be done much quicker, so your CPU will be under heavy load for a shorter time. A lowres render will also take only a fraction of the storage needed, compared to hires.
  15. And does the map rendering end by itself or should I stop it? The map is already rendered and it is still rendering when the map is bounded with borders, everything is already discovered, I must wait or cancel it. thx
  16. The map only renders the parts of the world where terrain is generated. It doesn't force further generation. When it doesn't find any further regions to render, it will stop automatically and go to local refresh mode. Local refreshes are triggered by a variety of actions that can be set in the config. By default, every block change (building a house, cutting trees etc.) triggers a refresh of the specific part of dynmap, this happens all the time when players are active, but it doesn't require a lot of CPU.

  17. And the faces on the map can be activated? Why did I try once but they didn't come out, that is, should I comment on the skin url and uncomment the skinsrestorer? I use the skinsrestorer plugin.


  18. Personally I don't use SkinsRestorer as I'm running my server in online mode, so I have no experience with this. But yes, based on the information in the config, you understood it correctly. If the SkinsRestorer integration is enabled, Dynmap should be able to get skins for the map.
  19. Nothing, the faces of the skins in dynmap do not work.

  20. There is a beta 2 version of dynmap, try that one.