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  1. Hello all,

    My server seems to be working fine until I hit about 40 players, I've been pulling my hair out looking for the reason why my TPS keeps dipping down since I've seen the server running with 59 players and no TPS loss. I've looked at entity counts, and have used /timings merged to get an idea about which plugins are consuming what. I finally installed a profiler and noticed that it seems that dymap's threads are taking a good chunk of my CPU time and only then did I realize that /timings only records which plugins are blocking the main thread, NOT if other threads are starving it. :oops:

    So now I suspect that dynmap is being too greedy and is perhaps mis-configured.

    I recall reading somewhere (I believe in developer rants) that there is a lot we can do with dynmap to help reduce the amount of time it spends processing/rendering chunks. So what kind of dynmap configurations are you guys using?

  2. First of all, disable dynmap in order to verify if this is the real problem.
  3. Download VisualVM - try that.

  4. The problem is intermittent, and dynmap plays a critical part in my servers gameplay. I can't have dynmap disabled for 3-4 days while I wait for the problem to resurface. My current plan is to use the profiler to determine if dynmap is the cause.

    Yes I already am using VisualVM. Just waiting for the problem to reproduce itself again to verify if it is dynmap.
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    well regardless of whether its causing a bottleneck on his server or not, the question is legit. what are good settings for high mem usage and low cpu usage? i use lowres btw
  6. Somewhat on the same topic: Does anyone know a way to only have dynmap "updaterender" or "fullrender" the worlds at a set time (night)?
  7. You cold disable live rendering and let a cronjob run a fullrender at night
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    But then its not fun D:
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