Dynmap for bungee or alternative

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  1. Hi!
    Im looking for a dynmap plugin that can run on a bungeecord or a minecraft vanila world download with a picture of the map with the cordinates if you go over it with your mouse i need it really quick ^

    Already thanks
  2. Bungeecord is just a proxy, it doesn't have any worlds so I'm not sure what the idea behind running a dynmap on it is.

    The only real alternative you have as far as I know is Minecraft Overviewer, which simply renders existing world using a .exe file and generates a bunch of files. These should then be uploaded to a simple webserver.
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  3. I mean with bungeecord a server on a bungeecord netwerk but you can't get a dynmap if it is in offline mode dynmap needs online mode...
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  4. What exactly does a pre rendered, web-server installed map render have to do with online mode...?
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  5. Strahan


    Dynmap doesn't give a crap if you are offline or online. What makes you think that it does? Is it failing? If so, post logs because the problem isn't where you seem to think it is.
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  6. Like said above, if you have problems with dynmap working in your servers post here. Otherwise, if you have valid web addresses and ports in the configs, then it should work.