(DYNMAP) Plugin is sort of derpy

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  1. Hello everyone and have good day!

    I am looking for help with a plugin Dynmap. I have never used it much and if so, I just dragged-n-dropped it and it was it. Today however, I need to set it up properly and I am having few issues with it.

    First issue: If the map generates with a player on a server - it lags the game. TPS are below 15 usually and my hosting CPU skyrockets to 100%, however, if there is no player, CPU stands below 50% and TPS are 20 constant. This might not be abig problem, I can do some workaround, but just want to know if it's iintetnional or not.

    Second issue: The more problematic one. I am...really struggling with setting the plugin up properly. I have made some changes, but the performace was just **OOF**. Chunks were not loading properly, the rendered chunks on the map looked just like minefield - one here, one there, one on the opposite side. Is there any decent guide or a kind soul which would help me set this plugin up properly? I would be glad infinitely!

    Thanks to everyone in advance,
  2. Unfortunately, it is - you should prerender it just as you pregenerating a map. Maybe you can limit how many chunks DM should render at the time in the config, but I'm not sure if there's such option.
    And this one is not. It's probably a bug, but I'm not sure why this is a case. You could try to use command /dynmap radiusrender some-radius and render some chunks of.. chunks manually.
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  3. Thank you very much! I'll go to their Discord to look for further help probably.