Spigot Dynmap-Structures 1.1.0

A Bukkit plugin that shows your world's structures (such as Villages and Strongholds) on Dynmap

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    Dynmap-Structures - A Bukkit plugin that shows your world's structures (such as Villages and Strongholds) on Dynmap

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  2. Hi there. I'm using the latest versions of Spigot, Minecraft, and Dynmap and I've noticed that the Desert and Jungle Temples are not showing up. I know those aren't for a fact. I'm unsure if there are other structures not showing up as I haven't discovered them yet.

    Not showing:
    Desert Temples

    Ocean Monuments
    Witch Hut

    Also, side note. I'm loving what is showing and very thankful for this plugin. Thank you for your work! :)
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  3. I'll look into it!
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  4. Awesome, thank you! If you need any further information, I'll be happy to provide what I can. :)
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    Bugfix + source page

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  6. which means? lol
  7. Lol, do you need dynmap installed to run this application..
  8. As @ChargedMinecraft said, you will need a compatible version of Dynmap to use this add-on. From what you showed me, your server cant "find" the Dynmap.jar.
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  9. The Desert and Jungle temples are not showing on my installation, either. Everything else is working great, though. Verified that the config file has everything enabled.

    Spigot 1.10, dynmap-structures 1.1.0, dynmap 2.3.

    Thanks for creating this plugin; I had planned to write this functionality myself, and found that someone had already beaten me to it - and done a very neat job of it , too.

    Suggestion - allow per-world settings for enable/disable of structure markers, rather than just global?
  10. this is probably a long shot but any interest in updating for 1.15.2? :D