Dynmap with multiple MC servers on ISS

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by manwiththedroid, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Does anyone have multiple servers being mapped by Dynmap? I have found multiple posts here on reddit and other places and each one seems to be a piece to the puzzle I am trying to solve. The "official" support site for Dynmap seems overun with spam.

    My issue:

    I have two Spigot servers running on the same Windows 2016 Server. Each one runs its own Dynmap plugin. I have the configuration file of each pointing to corresponding folders in my ISS folder. I can see both maps independently as server/creative_map and server/survival_map on my local network. This is where it gets strange. Anyone who logs into the MC server which was run first shows up on the map. However, they also appear on the other map. Anyone who logs into the MC server which was run second, does not appear on either. Also, the day/night cycle as it appears on the map, follows the first server run.

    I swear I had this working once, but I updated the servers to 1.15.1, which required updating the plugin. In doing so, I overwrote various files, and stupid me had backup of the Minecraft SSD drive turned off.