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  1. I think we talk past one another :) I'm looking for a way to show player names instead of uuids when clicking on a worldguard region on dynmap. I'm using "dynmap" with its add-on "dynmap - worldguard".

    This is how it looks right now:

    Instead of showing the uuid it would be super handy to actually see the player name instead.
  2. smmmadden


    Okay - I think the issue is that there is no translation being done for the UUID to player name. Report the issue on the Dynmap-WorldGuard page directly for @mikeprimm to look into. I don't use WorldGuard and don't have the issue, so appears to be that plugin or WorldGuard or a combination of both.
  3. SlimeDog

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    Spigot 1.12 or 1.11.2
    dynmap v2.5
    scores of other up-to-date 1.12-supporting plugins

    With dynmap enabled, I lose some op permissions. With the same configuration, except dynmap.jar removed, all is correct. For example: testfor and summon. In-game message is:
    I'm sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command. Please contact server administrator...

    No log/console errors, or other indications that anything is amiss.

    Any ideas?

    Issue logged on Github.
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  4. I'm using the night and day lighting for my dynmap. Mostly it looks great and all. But since I'm using daylight sensors for my street lights in my city the lights turn on when it gets dark and off when it gets bright. Apparently Dynmap renders poorly to this. It kind of causes a mix of redstone lamps being turned on and off.


    As you can see you get those kind of borders between lit up- and dark areas. Would there be any way to get Dynmap to better detect daylight sensors so you don't get these kind of mixed lit up and dark areas?
  5. Is anyone else having trouble actually downloading the dynmap plugin file? Connection to the file keeps getting lost and cut, and I don't think its my net because everything else works perfectly fine.
  6. smmmadden


    Nope, the download option works for me. I'm using Chrome browser on windows machine.
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  7. Is the web to client chat broke in 1.12? I have disabled Factions Chat and now I'm at a lost as to what else to do. I can see the chat bubbles of players fine, but if I send chat from the web...nothing....
    Code (Text):
    [11:29:11 INFO]: This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-23b6354-0481ae9 (MC: 1.12) (Implementing API version 1.12-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    Code (Text):
    [11:29:47 INFO]: Dynmap version: core=2.5-Dev201706100401, plugin=2.5-Dev201706100405
  8. can someone tell me how to get a deep angle like this with lots of shadowing?

  9. I guess this is kinda a troll post for dummies :), anyway I finally figured it out....
    Code (Text):
    Change the following:

      - class: org.dynmap.InternalClientUpdateComponent
        sendhealth: true
        allowwebchat: true
        webchat-interval: 5
      #- class: org.dynmap.JsonFileClientUpdateComponent
      #  writeinterval: 1
      #  sendhealth: true
      #  allowwebchat: false

      #- class: org.dynmap.InternalClientUpdateComponent
      #  sendhealth: true
      #  allowwebchat: true
      #  webchat-interval: 5
      - class: org.dynmap.JsonFileClientUpdateComponent
        writeinterval: 1
        sendhealth: true
        allowwebchat: false
  10. NCF


    I am noticing that, on the Nether dynmap, I've got an icon for "Spawn" The OCD inside me is being triggered, because this icon is off-center, located near coordinates 79 64 79. I would like to have this icon at 0 0. All my googling about Nether Spawn only gets me info about nether portal issues. Another solution would be to omit the 'Spawn' icon from the nether's dynmap, as i dont believe it serves a purpose, but i would rather just have that icon located at 0 0, centered up on the dynmap. I kinda like it there, as a visual reference point to the center of the map. I have to assume its a simple fix to just move its coordinates, but i cant find the solution over google.

    Does anyone know how i might move the location that this 'Spawn' icon is being displayed, to 0 64 0, in the nether?
  11. Can you just change the world Spawn of that world to 0, 0? Pretty sure after doing this it will need to be full/area rendered again.
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  12. есть конфликт с blockparty не сохраняет инвентарь. а без dynmap сохраняет. ни ошибок не предупреждений, консоль чистая. версия сервера 1.12 .
    что делать как решить?
    there is a conflict with the blockparty store the inventory. and without dynmap saves. no errors, no warnings, the console is clean what to do how to solve? server 1.12
  13. NCF


    thats pretty much what i need to know how to do- could you enlighten me with an example of the command? i was unable to find anything on google for nether spawn that wasnt about nether portals, and wasnt sure if it was dynmap setting the icon location or minecraft
  14. 1. Op Yourself
    2. Go to Nether coordinates 0 64 0 (if you can or equiv of that)
    3. Run command /setworldspawn
    4. Render the area that you set spawn
    Note: I have not tested this so I hope it works! It definitely won't hurt anything.
  15. DynMap shows up in BOLD letters on Aikers timing reports...Is this a feud or something we really should be concerned about?
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  16. Is there a way to limit the rendered radius in 1 dimension? I'd like to render the End but keep the outer islands from rendering if possible.
  17. Same problem here. I tried to use a custom Texture pack running Spigot 1.12, but it always fails with

    Code (Text):
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 22528
        at org.dynmap.hdmap.TexturePack.combineSubimageFromImage(TexturePack.java:896)
    has anyone had success with texture packs under dynmap 2.5?
  18. Hi.. We're wondering how to connect our paid domain to our Dynmap ''website''. We've seen vestlandetmc do it, and we really want to do it ourselves too. The thing is, no support given to us has helped, and we hope you guys could give us a hand..

    Just to give you an example, here's vestlandetmc's dynmap: http://mc.vestlandetmc.no:8123/
    We'd like it to be just like that, only with mc.thegoldapple.com
  19. Serve it with Apache/Nginx^^ Disable the internal webserver if you want :)
  20. I'm not sure I understand? I'm sorry if it's obvious...
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