Spigot Dynmap v3.2.1

Dynamic 'Google Maps' style web maps for your Spigot/Bukkit server

  1. Have a Web Server on your machine?
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    this is a complex thing and each user's implementation, configuration, and limitations will alter the best method to do it. with that in mind, heres some solutions i found by googling "dynmap subdomain" if none of these help, it may be something beyond the scope of your expertise at this time.





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  3. Hello,
    i have set webchat-permissions: true, and the permission check works, blocking chat lines when players do not inherit the dynmap.webchat, but for some strange reason players can enter lines that successfully publish on the bukkit chat only when they are actually connected to the minecraft server.

    configuration.txt (here: https://hastebin.com/ilobabelix.vbs)

    i cannot find anything to work around and make the chat work for users not logged in to the minecraft server.
    The plugin version is: Dynmap version: core=2.5-Dev201706100401, plugin=2.5-Dev201706100405
    The server version is: Paper version git-Paper-1152 (MC: 1.12) (Implementing API version 1.12-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)

    thank you for help
  4. NCF


    at a quick glance, i am seeing on line 57:

    # Require login for web-to-server chat (requires login-enabled: true)
    webchat-requires-login: true

    then i saw on line 90:

    # # Require login for web-to-server chat (requires login-enabled: true)
    # webchat-requires-login: false

    finally, on line 333:

    # Enable login support
    login-enabled: true

    so i would say you issue lies within those lines. it seems you have 2 entries for a thing that could cause this in your config- one of which is defined as false, however it is commended out (line 90) and one which i believe will cause thing you experience (line 57, true)

    so i would say, just to verify this is the issue, change the var on line 57 to false, and then have a user test.

    im not an expert by anymeans so if this is not a working solution i apologize.
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  5. login-enabled is needed to access the dynmap page, webchat-requires-login is needed to enable the webchat login; the other lines are commented as you can see.
  6. Is it possible to set a different texture pack for each world?
  7. Hello, could anyone point me in the right direction. I want to place markers on my map where my users can then click them and see a pop up of information. After they've read the information they can view more and click a link to view the full wiki for information.
  8. Is there any way to control permissions per player so that they can't see certain Sets by default but eventually can with the right permission?

    I see that there is a way to make some Sets not visible ever, but that isn't what I want. (not sure why you would want that anyways)

    Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello @mikeprimm,
    Can you add a "noLogo" option in the URL? :3
  10. I just updated to version 2.5
    Weird enough all my grass colors have changed.
    Is there anyone else having this problem?
  11. Is it real that this plugin occupies lot of GBs?
  12. Had different grass colors when I updated to 2.5 on 1.11.2 too.
    Since I´m on 1.12 the grass colors are normal again.
  13. Thanks for your response!
    I will update to 1.12 and see if that works.
    Thank you :)
  14. Hi! Is there an easier, more user-friendly way to create areas with Dynamp than with /addcorner and /addarea? I would like to define certain country borders within my server's world.
  15. What is the name of permission to see messages from the webchat?
    I've moved to different permissions plugin and now only ops can see messages sent from the map.
  16. Hello,

    I try to have a rendering only for a map of x * z except that if generates beyond the coordinates 2000x2000 for example, how can I do? And the map is automatically generated with the players (what I want but

    It's good I found thank you! (See the file worlds.txt)

    Here is my worlds.txt file

    Code (Text):

      - name: Batards City
        title: "Batards City"
        enabled: true
        sendposition: true
        sendhealth: true
          - x: 0
            y: 0
            z: 0
          - x0: -10000
            z0: -10000
            x1: 10000
            z1: 10000
          x: -81
          y: 64
          z: -30
        hidestyle: air
        bigworld: true
        mapzoomin: 2
        extrazoomout: 0
          - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
            name: fd
            title: "2D"
            prefix: fd
            icon: images/block_flat.png
            perspective: iso_S_90_lowres
            shader: stdtexture
            lighting: shadows
          - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
            name: sd
            title: "3D"
            prefix: sd
            icon: images/block_surface.png
            perspective: iso_SE_30_hires
            shader: stdtexture
            lighting: shadows
          - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
            name: sdn
            title: "3D Nuit"
            prefix: sdn
            icon: images/clock_night.png
            perspective: iso_SE_30_hires
            shader: stdtexture
            lighting: my-custom-lighting
      - name: Batards City_nether
        enabled: false
      - name: Batards City_the_end
        enabled: false

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  17. Hi, I haven't still found a solution, can someone confirm that writing from the web end gives a "no permission" and works only when you are connected to the server?
  18. Seems like Dyn is purging the map randomly. Not sure why. Latest version 2.5, with spigot 1.12.1
    Was also occurring on 1.12, but never before this.

    No errors are being thrown. Anyone know of a fix?
  19. Have you looked for errors in the log of the next restart after you remember the map was working? There must be a cause if dynmap cannot find the stored tiles, what kind of storage were you using?
  20. Using the default storage type. Whatever it is. And the logs show no errors whatsoever. Which is why I'm confused as to why it's happening.

    The map never purged itself pre-1.12