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  1. @takatalvi Mojang has shutdown the legacy skins server. Good luck finding one based on names^^ I know there's Cravatar, Minotar or more but I can't tell if the webmasters have it updated^^ My skin API is working as normal (had to make a name->uuid->skin) thing^^ x)
  2. Well, that sucks a number of dicks.. I checked the skin server status and it was green, it wouldn't occur to me they changed it.. I'll have to work something out, thanks!
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  3. It broke alot of skin based websites, programs which uses that legacy skin server... Had to stop using MCSkin3D *cries*

    and yes it shows green, but they ignore the legacy skin server, by checking here https://status.mojang.com/check it shows as red :(
  4. yup, same problem here, been trying to find the solution. xD that is the only way to get the skin but yea.. still havent gotten one.
  5. My Skin API is updated for this change but the code inside is messy (username>uuid>texture value>decode base64>load as png) then goes in Minotar Legacy PHP code^^ But its not on a CDN atm.

    Is Minotar/Cravatar etc fixed yet?
  6. Minotar works, but only partly. I tried linking the plugin to minotar, it worked.. Well, in some cases. I noticed that minotar lacks a LOT of skins. It would successfully open a player's skin, although most of them were Steve. For some player names, there was an actual skin, so it displayed correctly on my dynmap.

    I went on a rant on my server about it, and one of the players suggested that he could make an API to which I could link. In 15 minutes, it worked. We now have working skins on dynmap. If you like, I can ask him for permission to share the link. It's from his own systems, so I don't want to share it without his knowledge.
  7. That would be great thanks, well if he makes it public, but i was wondering if Namemc also has a database for skins/faces
  8. Namemc apparently has a database, however, using the playername in the url, you can only get to the profile page, not to the sking png. The API my player made is just a translator of names into uuids - the playername is in the url, and the app just fetches the png from a DB. Not sure which one, exactly, will have to ask.
  9. So here it is, the direct link that you can use in the Dynmap config, search for "skin-url". Courtesy of @TheGameSpider who wrote and hosts the API.
    It should look like this:
    Code (Text):
    skin-url: "http://tgstools.esy.es/skin.php?name=%player%"
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