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  1. hi, is is possible to get a e-mail if anyone posts on threads i am following or i created?

    thank you
  2. Tux


    Yes. You can click "Watch Thread" (located at the top of the list of posts, off to the far right).
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  3. Thank you, Tux. I can only click on Unwatch Thread. But i don´t getting any e-mails.
  4. Phoenix616

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    Unwatch it and watch it again, then you can select email notifications? You can also go in your list of all watched threads and toggle that there directly.

    If you want to do that automatically when posting then you can enable that in your account preferences.
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  5. You go to the thread index of the forum you want to follow, then you press Watch Forum, and click Email alerts.
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  6. thx - I only wan´t specific threads not the whole forum.
  7. You can, as explained here:

    You automatically watch a thread you replied to, but by default it does not send any email notifications. If you click the unwatch thread button and click watch thread again, you can choose to enable email notifications. You should probably also be able to set this by default somewhere in your account settings, though I've never looked at it since I myself would be bombed with emails if I enable it. ;)
  8. Phoenix616

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    I linked that in my post ;)

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