E5-2620 vs E5-2650v2

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What CPU would be better for Minecraft + VPS hosting?

  1. E5-2620

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  2. E5-2650v2

  1. Hello,

    I am thinking of starting a VPS and Minecraft host. What CPU do you think would have best performance for Minecraft + optimised Minecraft VPS hosting. I would prefer to have one type of CPU throughout all servers. All setups will have:

    Dual CPU's
    128GB Ram
    4x 256GB SSD Raid 10
    1gbps connection
    20gbps DDoS protection

    I'm leaning towards the E5-2650v2 because it has 8 cores, 16 threads, 2.6GHz base per core with a max of 3.4GHz. The E5-2620 only has 6 cores, 12 threads, 2GHz base and a max of 2.5GHz. The servers would only be sold until 75% is full. The other 25% would be idle.

    Also, i have always classed 1GB as 1024MB but google says its 1000MB and many other websites say that its 1024 and others say that its 1000. I would use 1024 because its what i have always used but what do you class as 1GB?
  2. First of all, 1GB is 1024MB. 1000MB is just an approximate. I don't like Google doing that rough guide personally.

    The E5-2650v2 will give you the best performance overall.
  3. Thats what i would be going with. Also do you think that leaving 25% idle is too much or too little? I know a lot of places oversell and leave nothing free and i know some that have 40% free.
  4. md_5

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    You should always oversell to some degree.
    I'm not sure what method you are using to calculate "percentage overselling" though.
  5. I'm using the amount of ram that the server has. If the server has 32GB Ram and the company add 34x 1GB servers then there are 2 that will not be able to start due to not enough ram.
  6. I would sell something around 25-28GB so it leaves enough room for the OS. (25 is a bit OTT)
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  7. For a server with 128GB Ram do you think selling up to 115-120GB of ram would be okay? That leaves plenty of room for the OS and Multicraft.
  8. might as well raid50
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  9. Personally i'd lean towards raid 5 4x2tb hdds with a 128gb ssd cache.
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  10. Thank you for your advice. Do you think its worth having the raid 10 or would it be better to go 4x 256GB SSD raid 0?
  11. Sorry but 20gbps DDoS protection is in this time of attacks not enough because most of them are having 100gbps+
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  12. I'll see if there are higher plans. They're updating their DDoS service and will probably have higher protection once it comes out.
  13. Btw I'm getting the servers from IOFlood
  14. Not sure where you heard that from, while 100+gbit attacks can happen they are still pretty rare, 20gbit protection should work fine for him
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  15. Ehh, it's all about the units. 1GiB is 1073 MB, but it's 1024 MiB. 1GB is 1000MB, but it's 950something MiB. Windows uses MiB / GiB while *nix uses MB / GB.

    In lamens terms: 1GB is 1000MB. Google is not approximating, it is giving you exactly what you asked for.
  16. No, it's not a good idea to make a non redundant array with 4 drives. If one of them fails, your entire RAID 0 is unreadable, and your customers will not take kindly to that. Go for the RAID 10 for simplicity, reliability and performance.
  17. I will go with raid10 then.
  18. You should look into raid 5 also.
  19. Well, that depends. If he really needs 768 gb storage, RAID 5 is a good alternative, but if 512 gb is enough, I would say it's better to spend the last drive on redundancy rather than unused space. In the end, that would be determined by what type of virtualization he chooses, as most Minecraft servers tend to take up very little disk space, compared to the operating system that might or might not be duplicated for each VPS..
  20. is nobody going to call me out on how raid 50 can't be achieved with 4 drives?