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    EasterEggs - Allows you to improve your lobby or spawn with Easter Eggs your players will be rewarded for.

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  2. and btw make a command to remove easter egg..
  3. thanks
    and accept on skype
  4. Your plugin I really like, but I'm missing things I want to know if you can add particles and a message to complete for example 'Congratulations ah completed all Easter 24/24'
    That is different from the others and a command to complete all the easter.
  5. Thanks for the good review and comment. Message for completing all Easter Eggs and opportunity to delete Easter Eggs in game will be added in an upcoming update(1-2 days).
  6. I believe the commands listed on the front page are incorrect. Only the alias is working:
    /ee and the help info is very badly displayed: (Breaks off to a 2nd line)
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  7. He's correct, the commands /eastereggs don't work.
    Also, even after adding the perm to users, it doesn't allow users to interact with Easter Eggs.
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  8. Will be fixed asap.
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