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Clear Your Chat, ClearChat without showing who did, ClearChat, Clear other's chat!

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    EasyClearChat - Want to clear chat due to someone advertising or a IP-Ban or some other reason? Now you can!

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  2. Nice plugin, but for the review that was left, the code given is not to do with chat, it's a basic java function(a for loop) You can use them for many things etc. Other than that, nice plugin!
  3. Oh, okay, I'm learning from you guys! xD, I knew int but didn't know the other parts of the code. Thanks for the good feedback <3
  4. In your IDE(If you use one) You should see that for is highlighted in a colour, that certain colour usually means that it is a java operation/variable/thingy.
  5. Yeah, I do. Any bugs/issues with the plugin? :)
  6. No, not taht I know of.
  7. Okay, sweet.
  8. Leave your reply on my review, i will leave it.
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  9. You should make that toggle-able, like for example doing "/clearchat -s" so it just clears chat and no one knows who did it(except console obvoisely) You should try and make something like that.

    But when someone does just /clearchat it says who did clear it in chat.
  10. So like you mean it doesn't say chat was cleared? says nothing at all when it's cleared ?

    I am doing it now, I will test it in a few minutes and will update the plugin if I succeed :p, Console can see who did it anyway.
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    [:] New Command(s) --> /clearschat (Clear chat without showing who cleared it):Changed msg's forcmds

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  12. Cleo-17 updated EasyClearChat - (1.10) with a new update entry:


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