Eat Diamonds?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Eliminator, May 22, 2016.

  1. Anyone know if its possible to send an eat packet of eating a set item like a diamond?
  2. The items that can be eaten are hard coded on the clients side. You can simulate a diamond being eaten but thats about the best you can do.
  3. I'm not saying this with complete confidence, only thinking logically. The "eat" animations are likely made per-food item and sent only for those items.

    Maybe you could spoof the animation, but you'd end up with cookie crumbs coming out of your diamond lol.
  4. Yah, thats what I wanted, make it look like it, show the particles ect, then manually do stuff.
  5. it is necessary to make diamonds be eaten? because you can always do if he right click to eat to do the stuff you want and the diamond get removed.
  6. You could always retexture a diamond if eating diamonds isn't possible :D
  7. there's only one way after right clicking the diamonds it will lost 1 piece then add an appetite to the player.
  8. yeah he can do like what i said if he right click to the diamond to remove the diamond from his hand and then set the hunger or right click it and do a runnable to make the item disappear after 3 sec for example set the hunger but im not sure if he can to add effect like an eating one when he right click it and do the sound of eating.
  9. Unless mojang do, I simply agree that's nearly impossible to have an effect with eathing something that isn't edible.
  10. yeah this is the bad thing but he can always add the sound i guess
  11. hehehehe :D what a creative man !!! <#
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  12. aahahha :D <3
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  13. Yah, thats what I did, I took the item, played an eat sound, and displayed a block break effect in their head.
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  14. haha cool well i would do the same thing if i was you because we can't set other items to work as food.