Solved Eazynick and TAB [1.5.x - 1.16.x]

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  1. Hello I am using the plugin Eazynick and the plugin tab and I don't know how to fix mods being below MVP's because the MVP is an admin nicked as a MVP is there a way to fix this in the config
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  2. TAB has a priority system for groups.
  3. I know that the tab has a priority system for groups but my admins are placed above my mods even when they are nicked using eazynick
  4. Can you send us the config for the priorities?
  5. Yeah sure here the tab priorities

    - owner
    - admin
    - mod
    - helper
    - builder
    - mvp++
    - mvp+
    - mvp
    - vip+
    - vip
    - player
    - default
    tabprefix: "%vault-prefix%"
    tagprefix: "%vault-prefix%"
    tabprefix: "%vault-prefix%"
    tagprefix: "%vault-prefix%"
    tabprefix: "&0&l[&7&lPlayer&0&l] &3"
    tagprefix: "&2&lPlayer &3"
    - "This is an example of per-group header/footer"
    - "applied to a group"
    tabprefix: "%vault-prefix%"
    tagprefix: "%vault-prefix%"
    tabsuffix: "%afk%"
    tagsuffix: "%afk%"
    customtabname: "%eazynick_display_name%"
    customtagname: "%eazynick_display_name%"
  6. you have to make EazyNick change the Primary group of the players
  7. How would I do that without it taking away perms from the admin to unnick