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A plugin management system like PlugMan, but better and with a GUI | by Justix

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    PluginManager [GUI | 1.8 - 1.13.2] - A plugin management system like PlugMan, but with GUI | by Justix

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  2. Hello. I have got a little problem.
    pman unload all => All plugins have been unloaded and disabled
    pman list => Only Your plugin is here, good
    pman load all => All plugins have been loaded and enabled
    pman list => Only Your plugin is here, bad...
    It cant load ALL the plugins again :( If I load them one by one, it works!
    Can you repair that please? :)

    Also, If you added option that automatically unload plugins when server starts, that would be great! Because I have plugins I do not need often but when I need them I dont want to restart the server :(
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  3. works in 1.15?
  4. Nope, I will add support for 1.15 when the first stable release is out
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  5. any idea when that stable release is coming it looks great i really wanna try this but im also using 1.15
  6. The 1.15 update is already out. Try it and if any errors occur, just send your latest.log file to me.
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  8. 4r8


    I have a few ideas for the plugin,

    Maybe a `PM` alias?
    In /pman info [plugin], It would be nice to have info on whether the plugin is Enabled or Disabled

    When you right click on a plugin in the /pman GUI, some sort of message that the plugin has been disabled would be nice (and maybe an option to see the message or not)

    It's not that important, but with the /pman list command, If you have too much plugins, you can't really see all of them, so add an option to maybe make it more compact and similar to bukkit's /pl
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    Please also add the total of plugins when doing /pman list.
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    I can't seem to find where it says how many plugins there are on the server when doing /pman list, unless you didn't add that. Well, if you haven't, maybe add it where it says All Plugins at the top so something like "All Plugins (53 Plugins)" and maybe in a different color like gold.
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    Also it would be nice if doing /pman info (plugin) also showed If that plugin is enabled/ disabled. I thought this was already a feature but It dosen't seem to be in this version. So maybe add it like this:
    Status: Enabled / Disabled or like Status: This plugin is Enabled / This plugin is Disabled or maybe just not have status.
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    When you execute a command like /pman enable/disable (plugin), more than once, maybe a different message in a different color like 'This plugin has already been enabled/disabled.' should pop up so as an example It's not confusing if two people are testing plugins.