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  1. The plugin works great on my server! Only I have 1 question: On the overvieuw page 1.15 is not included in the native minecraft version(s).
    Will this cause any problems on my 1.15 server because I don't know what "native minecraft verions" means.
  2. you can do this in the config file on the first line.
    If you want it to be every 20 minutes all you have to change the crontask values to this.
    crontask: '0 0/20 * * * *'
    Now if you reload the plugin by tiping /ebackup reload it should show this in the console
    [eBackup] Configured the cron task to be: every 20 minutes
    I have to warn you tough if you have a large server you want that to be way sower otherwise you will be constant making backups but feel free to do whatever you want.
  3. Oops, forgot to add that.
    It's unlikely this plugin will break from new versions for the foreseeable future, as the spigot API is fairly stable and not much of it is needed for this plugin.
  4. Oh I read that wrong, you meant native mc version. That just refers to which version I am building for (which is the minimum version needed for this plugin to run). You can just look at the supported versions for which versions have been tested to work.
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  5. Works perfectly on 1.7.10! Will be trying 1.7.10 withing the next couple of days. You're a life saver!
  6. I have never tested below 1.13, but it's good to hear that it's working well for you!
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  7. Would love to see a bungeecord version if possible ;)
  8. How does this handle a backup occurring while the server is part way through writing to disk?
    Normally if the world is modified while the files are being copied/zipped, the resulting file is corrupted.

    Does this run /save-off, then /save-all before attempting the backup?
  9. Yes, it stops world saves prior to starting backups, and restores them to their settings from before after the backup is complete.
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  10. Seems like there *might* be a problem with it on certain 1.7.10 instances. For one of my modded servers is works perfectly fine, but for the other, it uses my CPU at 100% usage and then causes the entire system to lag. Other than that, it seems perfect so far on all of my other servers so far.

    EDIT: It was another plugin that I had installed at the same time that natively supported 1.7.10 to 1.15.2. I apologize for the misinformation.
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  11. I don't think that this plugin could cause lag...

    I will say that all of the modded servers I have run before always use up 100% CPU usage once it becomes somewhat active. You should get a timings report to see what causes lag on that server.
  12. I apologize! It was one other new plugin that was doing it (when I installed it at the same time as eBackup).
  13. Capture1.PNG Captueeeeeeeere.PNG If you could help me that would be great... I backup my server on an hourly basis, but when i checked my backups, World and World_nether and World_End aren't there. The backup saved everything except my world.... If you could help me that would be great...

    crontask: '0 0 * * * *' # This would make it every hour

    # CronTask format:
    # * * * * * *
    # | | | | | |
    # | | | | | +---- Day of the Week (1-7)
    # | | | | +------ Month (1-12)
    # | | | +-------- Day of the Month (1-31)
    # | | +---------- Hour (0-23)
    # | +------------ Minute (0-59)
    # +-------------- Second (0-59)

    # A few more examples...
    # crontask: '0 0 * * * *' This would make it every hour
    # crontask: '0 0 4 * * 7' This would make it every sunday at 4 AM
    # crontask: '0 0 4 1 * *' This would make it every first of the month at 4 AM
    # crontask: '0 30 3 */2 * *' This would make it at 3:30 AM every 2 days

    # If you do /ebackup reload, you can see a description in the console of what the cron task does.

    backup-format: 'eBackup {DATE}'

    # The folder where to store the backups locally.
    backup-path: 'plugins/eBackup/backups'

    # The maximum backups stored. Will delete older backups when reached. (≤ 0 to disable)
    # Note: this will only work with local backups (fallbacks included).
    max-backups: 48

    # Delete the local backup after each upload.
    delete-after-upload: false

    # FTP/SFTP settings and configuration.
    # Backups saved here will not be auto-deleted.
    enable: false
    path: '~/backups/'
    type: sftp # ftp for ftp, sftp for ftp over ssh
    host: 'localhost'
    port: 22
    user: 'username'
    pass: 'password'
    use-key-auth: false # use key based authentication for sftp (ignores password)
    private-key: '~/.ssh/id_rsa'
    private-key-password: '' # leave blank if the private key has no password

    # What you want in the backup.
    # By default, everything will be backupped, you can remove folders in the ignore section
    pluginjars: true # The .jar files for the plugins
    pluginconfs: true # The data folder of each plugin
    ignore: # Files to ignore and NOT backup
    - 'plugins/eBackup/backups'
    - 'plugins/dynmap'
    - 'logs'
    - 'cache'

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  14. Hmm, this seems to be a recurring issue with windows I think? Could you please try opening the zip with 7zip?
  15. Basically what happens is that the folders are there, but just don't seem to show up in some zip archivers
  16. Thanks for the help! I don't know why i never tried opening the file with 7 zip
  17. I have the same issue and am using 7zip

  18. Strange, I'll do some more investigation. Try extracting the zip and see if the world files are there?
  19. Are you using the latest version of eBackup? I am unable to reproduce this issue.
  20. Tried extracting and the world files are not there. Im using v1.1.1 of the plugin.

    Im on Spigot 1.16.1 if that makes a difference