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  1. Please try the newest update, and let me know if it works for you. The issue was that on Windows the '\' character is used instead of '/'.

    If you want to open data from backups made with older versions, you may want to use an archiver on Linux or macOS.
  2. So in 1.16 I have a bug on version 1.1.2 (I also had this problem on the 1.1.1 but i never had it in 1.15). Evrything goes correct but it gives a error when i tries to backup the session.lock files of my worlds.
    [22:52:47 WARN]: [eBackup] Error while backing up file survival/session.lock, backup will ignore this file: The process cannot access the file because part of the file has been locked by another process
    The text after the : was in ducth so i translated it but therefore it may not be completely correct
  3. Minecraft now locks worlds if the server is online.
    The backup should progress fine, it just skips the lock file. You can delete the lock file if you want.
  4. Seems to be a Windows only related issue, I'll look into it
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  5. My world isnt being backed up, only the end. I'm using the default "world" name and have not added any lines to the ignore list.
    It shows backing up world twice. I have also checked for hidden files.

    Server runs Spigot-1.16.1 on Ubuntu.
    Thanks for being so active on this forum :)) Annotation 2020-07-02 013802.png
  6. Im having this same issue
  7. I'll double check to see. The world folder names are: "world" and "world_the_end" right?
  8. This appears to only affect 1.16 servers, I need to investigate why all world names are being reported as "world"
  9. I will try better to do deeper testing next time. The 1.16 API changed without warning for the world folder it gives back.

    Please try the latest update and let me know if it works for you.
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  10. Seems to be working! Thanks for the quick fix
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  12. i'm using 1.16.1 paper minecraft version and the crontask problem, how to set every 15min backup?

    [02:14:34 WARN]: [eBackup] Error while backing up file res/session.lock, backup will ignore this file: 程序無法存取檔案 ,因為另一個程序已鎖定檔案的一部分。(The program cannot access the file because another program has locked part of the file)
  13. You can ignore that message, it just means that the lock file cannot be backed up (you don't need it though).

    0 */15 * * * *
    should be good for every 15 minutes
  14. backup will make server lag and tps drops?
    i have backup every hours and it may make server lag around 5s
  15. The plugin needs to trigger a world save before making a backup, so this is unavoidable. (It's the same amount of lag as a normal world save)
  16. Will you add a message like "Starting a backup..."
  17. The plugin literally made a backup that is a few times bigger than my whole Minecraft Paper 1.15.2 server and it is still not finished. Please help!!! Using version 1.1.3.