EbeanServer vs MySQL

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  1. I recently came across the Plugin#getDatabase() method and started looking into using a Plugin's EbeanServer to store data. Then I got to thinking "Hey this looks really easy to use and the support for it is built right in!". So I am now wondering why more people aren't using it. Is there a catch here? :p Is it even a valid replacement for using a local MySQL database? Any insight is welcomed! Thanks!
  2. because it isn't going to have the same level of flexibility/power as a full DBMS implementation like Postgre/Mongo/MySQL
  3. What do you mean by flexibility and power. Is it a slower implementation?
  4. With SQL you can literally do anything you want within the limits of the database you're using, as well as multi-user support, as you can specify usernames and passwords in the plugin. I think @md_5 tweeted a while back that only like 11 plugins use ebeans and like 5 are from the same person (although that's not a reason to not use it)

    In the end, it's a matter of preference.
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  5. because with MYSQL it's easy to make multi servers support, php support, so your players can see their statistics on a site. From what i know ebean is more for java, mysql can be used on any program language to store data. Let's say, you have a community, you have a SA-MP server, a MC server and a CS:GO server. You could store all players data with same nickname from all games into a mysql. For example, you can store how much time they played on your community.
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    Thanks very much for the responses guys. I only need a way to store a word bank that is relatively quick and doesn't need to be loaded into mem. I think ill check out ebean and see how things go :p