Echopets 1.8.4?

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  1. Is there one out i really need it!
  2. No, not yet; have patience :).
  3. Also DSH how do i enable human pets? :D
  4. They are no longer supported.
  5. @DSH105 Does Echopet works on 1.8.3 but not on 1.8.4?
  6. Would you know how long it would take to update? I've got patience just wanting to know if there is a time you know of.
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  7. Yes.
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  8. @DSH105 Why are human pets no longer supported? I am about to pay someone else to fix them for me.
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  9. The way they were implemented was not in any way ideal nor safe. I designed something new for EchoPet 3 in an attempt to support them again, but haven't really had the time to work on it sufficiently.

    If someone really wanted to fix them, I'm sure there would already be a PR on the repo.
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  10. Why human pet is not compatible with 1.8.4?

    I wanna have a human pet then name it"Justinbeiber" so it will follow me everywhere I go xD
  11. PhanaticD


    if you do pull request it so we can all enjoy it :p
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  12. player.sendPacket(new PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo(PlayerInfoAction.ADD_PLAYER, fakePlayer));
    player.sendPacket(new PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo(PlayerInfoAction.REMOVE_PLAYER, fakePlayer));
  13. That's already there.
  14. Please when you update to 1.8.6 add support for new 1.8 mobs like rabbit pet and guardian pet etc...
    Also can you add function that pets can attack people who attack the pet owner
  15. EchoPet (v2.8.0) already supports 1.8.4/1.8.5/1.8.6 and allows for those pets :).

    It's under consideration, but not quite complete yet.
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