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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by TimeVisualSales, May 8, 2015.

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  1. Hi there, I've installed windows 10 yet when I open Eclipse, it comes up with this error below.
    Here's my java versions installed:
    Please feel free to message below with a link to the correct java version that I need.

    This has been posted on this forums as it is involved with spigot development I know it could or should be added to off topic but I though it'll be better here...
  2. 1) dont use win10 (its a preview you expect no errors, thats stupid)
    2) dont use windows (its bad)
    3) dont use eclipse
    4) if you're seriouly bent on the above, then you'd notice that you're JRE 8 is running 32 bit while jre and jdk 7 are running 64 bit, eclipse cries if the jre architecture doesnt match the eclipse architecture
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  3. 1.) Windows 10 I understand will have errors yet I dont care as there not to serious.
    2.) Why would I not wanna use windows?
    3.) I'm not using any other program for coding...
    4.) All my java versions installed are 64 bit as is my laptop.
  4. Fixed, Java 8 was the issue.
  5. Didn't I tell you the issue was with java 8? It was clearly a 32 bit install.
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