Eclipse & IntelliJ: Q&A

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    Hello, this will be short because I'm going on a plane in 2-3 hours, but here's a Q&A that will frequently be updated so everybody stops creating Eclipse vs. IntelliJ threads.

    1. Which IDE is better?
    It's your personal preference, i'm not here to tell you which IDE is better than which, although I personally use IntelliJ.

    2. Why do alot of people say IntelliJ is better than Eclipse?
    They do no more to plugin developers looking to satisfy the community and get some downloads, People who use IntelliJ think they're superior to people who use Eclipse since it's a extendable IDE having support for other languages, when IntelliJ is nothing more than Eclipse if you're only interested in plugin development, other languages I can't say the same.

    3. Isn't IntelliJ better than Eclipse? I mean, it has alot more features and built-in git & mysql intergration
    Personal preference, and installing a plugin that adds Git support to Eclipse takes only 2 minutes.

    4. Eclipse has saros, doesn't make that superior to IntelliJ?
    IntelliJ has a Saros alternative, It's called Floobits.

    5. Eclipse tells you where the errors are in your code..
    So does IntelliJ, look on the side for red lines and click on them.

    6. IntelliJ has a nice sleek dark theme, so should I switch over there to use it?
    and what's wrong with Eclipse's dark theme?

    Alright, those are all the questions I could think of.
    Leave a comment if you have any questions for me to put in the thread.
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  2. I agree. However as is custom with this forum more topics will spring up eventually regarding the exact same subject and people will post their bias answers there. There are already a bunch of topics covering this and the only solution is to pin/sticky a topic answering the question in the most general way possible which is not something I see happening sadly.
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    This should prevent those threads from happening.

    @MikeA pin thread?
  4. I agree with all except #4.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Floobits only allows collaborating in an open-source project unless you pay for it, which means that Eclipse has a slight edge over IntelliJ in that respect.
    Other than that, I do prefer IntelliJ as an IDE overall.
  5. has there been any success in using intellij versus eclipse?