eclipse is funny

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Plochem, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. I know it's because I didn't save, but it's still funny lol. NANI..PNG
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  2. That's one of the main reasons why I prefer IntelliJ - autosave

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  3. Muscle Memory is my autosave. ;)
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  4. Fair enough

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  5. Kinda funny that eclipse isnt moaning about your class name :p
  6. It does give me a warning that it’s not conventional when I’m creating the class, but it doesn’t really matter now lol
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  7. Well maybe change it :p
  8. Choco



    jeez... if only people would look at Eclipse's preferences :D. Though I agree with @MSWS, I've learned to do Ctrl + S after every single line I write. It's just muscle memory and I'm my own auto-save.

    It does when you're creating the class. If you've ignored that warning and you're stupid enough to continue with creating it, it's not your IDE's fault at that point, it's yours.

    Though really, mindless bashing of Eclipse is fun, right? /s
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  9. It was a joke
  10. Just saying how it is. When I used to use Eclipse the number of times an error wouldn't fix because I forgot to save was pretty large. You could say it's because I was new to programming, but I'd rather not have to learn something into muscle memory if I don't have to. Also, might be a bit petty but I imagine ctrl+s after every line wastes a lot of energy.

    I probably sound a bit elitist ("IntelliJ is 1000x better change immediately!!1!1!1!!)", but there's a reason IDEA is preferred for large-scale projects.

    That said, it's personal preference so I'll try and avoid starting another massive IDE debate thread

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  11. nah it's only the code that matters for competitions so idc at that point lol. i think for that competition, it has to be named like that.
  12. That's one of the many reasons I use IntelliJ Idea instead of Eclipse :)
  13. This is strange because it works properly for me. I used Eclipse Neon before, but because of the many features I have moved to Eclipse Mars, which has fewer features and thus saves my computer.


    Not need "Auto save" because it is enough to enable "Build automatically" to build resource.
    This problem worked without error without saving.


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  14. Choco


    You're WAY out of date. Mars is 4 years old. Consider using 2018-12, or at least waiting another week until 2019-03 is available on March 20th
  15. Yea, I know but still works properly and without error. And memory accelerated, so this not consume system performance.
  16. Choco


    2018-12 had some massive performance improvements, and 2019-03 has even more ;P That's actually the focus on this upcoming release, performance. Edit your eclipse.ini a little bit to allocate a bit more memory and threads and its again, even more performant.
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  17. So, wait, I'm slightly confused about this thread. Is it the case that when you don't save in Eclipse, the error detection will work incorrectly, or am I missing something here?
  18. Pretty sure it's just a bug of some kind
  19. I will tell that i moved from eclipse to IntelliJ because it was showing me errors that didn't exist when i was trying to add metrics in one of my 1st plugins lol.