Solved eclipse plugin for minecraft

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eclipse vs intellij which one is better you think?

  1. eclipse

  2. intellij


    hello, i saw there is plugin for minecraft development at intellij. it is very user friendly tho. thats why i installed intellij-but couldnt use it at all. i worked with eclipse since i start there such a plugin for eclipse too?

    btw i suggest to use that plugin if you are good with intellij
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  2. What plugin are you talking about? Why would there be a Minecraft plugin for any IDE?
  3. i dont mean the plugin which we put it in the /plugins/ folder. not the minecraft ones.

    i mean the plugins made for IDEs. like a javafx plugin which creates a blank javafx app when you create a project by it. there is minecraft development plugin for intellij.(if intellij wasnt taking so long to open, i would take an ss and send here. you can find it at google tho.)

  4. Tux


    He's talking about

    I believe that IntelliJ is a much better IDE than Eclipse, but everyone has their own preference.

    I'm not aware of a nice integration for Eclipse that's similar to the IDEA plugin that already exists. I'm pretty sure somebody could make one, though.
  5. nobody has because eclipse is a cancerous platform to work with. it's not how everyone says it's bad and all that, it's simply that it's worse laid out than C++. you constantly battle their API, if you can even call it that, so a lot of extension devs are leaving for intellij, vscode, vim, emacs, and other alternatives.
  6. I am laughing so hard because I could predict this bullshit again.

    Eclipse is not worse at all, for the most people it is easy and fast to work with. A lot of 'experienced' developers prefer IntelIJ for some other features which I do not need. Everyone has their own preference. There is nothing wrong with Eclipse.

    I have used it for years since I started coding and never missed anything or had issues with it, it does have Git support (a lot of idiots claim it does not) and a bunch of other features 'only IntelIJ has'.

    Minecraft was coded with Eclipse (our legend Notch used it).
  7. notch is a person who made a game. we are people who make plugins. people still have preferences, /shrug
  8. A man who codes an entire game in Java is not someone to call upon when writing arguments to support a statement.

    Eclipse is by far not an ideal IDE. However, a lot are not ideal. It doesn't have to be. If it works for you, great, stay with it. If you want an upgrade, by all means move to Intellij or some other IDE. I personally dislike it for reasons I find very valid, but that's not what this thread is about.

    There's a big difference between
    I do agree with 1 part of what you said, that is
    So just let people who use Eclipse use Eclipse, people who use IntelliJ use IntelliJ, and don't start a IDE war unless the thread is about that.

    But fuck NetBeans.
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  9. i didn't call it out for being bad
    i said its API is absolute and utter shit