Eclipse vs Intellij etc

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What ide do you use?

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  1. IntelliJ

  2. Eclipse

  3. Netbeans

  4. Other: post what it is!

  1. While eclipse is my favorite, I user both IDE'S when I develop. I find Intellij to be much more powerful when it comes to development with Android and GWT. It's toolset when it comes down to it is incredible.

    However, I found eclipse to just be simpler when it came to managing with maven and gradle.
    Especially with git, I can see all my branches and such.
    I do however miss the code prediction and loading of other files like imgs faster from Intellij but it's a small trade-off.

    What do you guys use?
  2. TheJavaHacker


    Threads like these have been created countless times lol

    Anyways, I use Eclipse for testing development use and IntelliJ for Production use on my servers.
    I also use NotePad++ for Development when Either refuse to work.
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  3. Choco


    I use Eclipse, but might I add:


    I'M CALLING IT! It always happens on threads like these. "<IDE> IS BETTER AT DOING <feature>. <Other IDE> SUX"
    (Let's keep it civil, people. Please? For once?)
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  4. I've noticed most people use eclipse on this site. I believe both IDE'S are powerful in their own way. I wonder who will be the spark...
    I use notepad++ a lot when it comes to yml and other things like gradle. It has become indispensable to me.
  5. MiniDigger


    while we can all agree that IntelliJ is the best for professional users (because of the framework integrations), blueJ is the perfect one for beginners. it's visualization of objects is something no other ide can offer.
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  6. I use this lesser known IDE called BlueJ, I think you should try it

    no but really use IJ
  7. Could not agree more. BJ's are awesome
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  8. JamesJ


    Why is it so hard to use the search feature and see that this thread has been made before many times?
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  9. Choco


  10. I personally love Intellij, due to his intuitive auto complete add-on, makes me code much faster!
  11. Gaxan


    This is the quote of the day.

    I'm a noob, I use netbeans for now until I learn more about java.
  12. I use BlueJ for school because Eclipse is so stupid

  13. Gaxan


    Thanks, I just downloaded BlueJ from I just learned java in 15 minutes thanks to this IDE!

    I had to jump on the wagon choco
  14. doh


    I personally like both. I use Eclipse for Plugin creation and IntellIJ for Mod Creation. I like how you can install custom themes with IntellIJ though.
  15. If you aren't using DemonWav's Minecraft Dev plugin for everything, I feel bad for you (Sorry eclipse plebs, IJ only)
  16. School decided not to give us access to any IDE except BlueJ .-.
  17. No need to discuss this. It's a matter of preference clearly, no one is forcing anyone to use a specific IDE.
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  18. Pointless yet entertaining to me to see why some perefer one over another.
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  19. That has to be the funniest thing I've seen on here in a while.